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Spill Control Kits & Stations

Spill Kits that Control Hazardous Spills

When hazardous materials spill onto the ground, spill kits contain all the necessary equipment and gear that will be required to clean up the spill once it has occurred. A spill kit is generally comprised of personal protective equipment (PPE), absorbents, and cleaning supplies that are designed for spills.  It is recommended that companies handling hazardous materials keep spill kits on hand as a precaution. This kit could be used if an accident were to occur and corrosive chemicals were spilled on the ground. Workers would be able to control and contain the chemicals if they spilled.

Spill kits overview

We can categorize spill kits into three categories based on their usages: general purpose, oil, and hazmat spill kits. In order to choose the right kit, it is imperative to consider a company's specific needs. There may be companies that need just an all-purpose kit, while there may be others that require a hazmat kit, depending on the nature of the business. 

General Purpose Spill Kits

In this type of spill kit, water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids can both be dealt with simultaneously. Water and oil spill kits are available with gray absorbents suitable for cleaning up both types of spills.

Oil Only Spill Kits

As part of the oil spill cleanup kit, you will find white absorbents that you can use to clean the spill if hydrocarbons such as gasoline or oil have spilled. During cleanup, their ability to repel water and help them float on water provide them with more effective contact with hydrocarbons.

Hazmat Spill Kits

There are also Hazardous Materials Spill Kits, which are designed to help with spills of acids, solvents, and other highly corrosive substances. The yellow absorbents that are included in the kit are designed for use with hazardous chemicals that are flammable.

Choosing the Right Spill Kit

If you are planning to buy a spill containment kit for your company, make sure that it contains the contents that are appropriate for your company's needs before you purchase it. In order to handle various types of spills, including spills of blood and body fluids, there are many spill kits available on the market. As a starting point, it is necessary to identify the type of chemicals used in the workplace in order to select the appropriate spill kit.

In addition to the contents of spill kits, the size of spill kits should also be taken into consideration. This is in addition to of the kits themselves. An spill kit that is sized like a bucket will be sufficient for a small work area. However, for larger work areas, an spill kit that is sized like a bucket will be necessary. A spill kit that measures a diameter of a drum is also available. This is an improvement over a spill kit that has a diameter of a bucket, as it is more spacious for spills. There are also spill kits that can be attached to mobile carts.