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Welders Gloves

Keep your hands well protected from the intense heat with welding gloves.

There are many factors that make welding gloves an effective piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) when it comes to workers' safety on the job. It is imperative to wear gloves when welding because the close proximity of the welding arc to your hands makes it dangerous not to.

Electric shock, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, extreme heat, and abrasion are just some of the hazards presented by welding. Gloves protect against all of these hazards.

The materials used in the manufacture of welding gloves are designed to be electrically conductive, durable, and to allow for heat dissipation. It may be beneficial to have gloves with cuffs as well as gloves designed to prevent the forearms from getting splattered with sparks. As a general rule, welding gloves should be selected according to the type of welding being performed and the level of dexterity that is required. You can choose from a wide range of welder's gloves from a number of trusted brands at Premier Safety, all of which are designed to protect you from the risks that may arise.