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Manhole Lifters

Manhole Lifters: Simplifying Access to Manholes

Working with manhole covers can be a challenging and potentially hazardous task.  Heavy covers can be difficult and awkward to lift, placing strain on workers' backs and risking injuries.  Premier Safety offers a comprehensive selection of manhole lifters designed to prioritize safety, efficiency, and worker health across various industries.

What are the Two Types of Lifters?

At Premier Safety, we offer two primary types of manhole lifters to suit your specific needs:

  • Hook Lifters: These lifters are typically constructed from high-strength steel and feature a hooked end that slots securely into designated holes on the manhole cover. Hook lifters provide a simple and affordable solution for lifting most standard covers.
  • Magnetic Lifters: Magnetic lifters utilize powerful rare-earth magnets to create a secure grip on the manhole cover's steel surface. These lifters are ideal for situations where there are no designated lifting points or uneven surfaces make using a hook challenging. Magnetic lifters offer superior ease of use and can often handle heavier covers.

How to Use a Manhole Cover Lifter

The specific method for using a manhole lifter will vary depending on the chosen type. However, both options prioritize worker safety and minimize physical exertion.

  • Hook Lifters: Simply position the hook under the designated slots on the manhole cover and lift steadily. The hook's design ensures a secure hold, preventing the cover from slipping. Remember to follow proper lifting techniques by keeping your back straight and bending at the knees.
  • Magnetic Lifters: Place the magnetic lifter firmly on the clean, central area of the manhole cover. The powerful magnets will create a secure hold. Lift steadily to remove the cover.


What is the easiest way to lift a manhole cover?

Premier Safety recommends using a manhole lifter.  These tools are specifically designed to make lifting manhole covers safe and effortless.  Whether you choose a hook lifter or a magnetic lifter, both options eliminate the need for manual prying and reduce strain on workers' backs.  Manhole lifters promote ergonomic lifting practices, minimizing worker fatigue and potential injuries.

Can one person lift a manhole cover?

Manhole covers can vary significantly in weight, but most can be challenging for a single person to lift safely and comfortably. Manhole lifters are designed to enable a single worker to handle even heavy covers with ease.

How to lift a heavy manhole cover?

Premier Safety strongly advises against attempting to lift a heavy manhole cover manually. This can lead to back injuries and other musculoskeletal issues. Invest in a manhole lifter suitable for the weight capacity you require. Our selection includes options for both standard and heavy-duty covers.

What are lifters also known as?

Manhole lifters may also be referred to by various terms, including manhole lifting devices, manhole cover lifters, manhole lid lifters, or manhole pullers. Regardless of the name, these tools all serve the same purpose: safe and efficient removal of manhole covers.

Safety and Efficiency at Your Fingertips

By incorporating manhole lifters into your workplace safety protocols, you can significantly reduce the risk of worker injuries while improving overall efficiency. Explore our Magnetic Lifter and hook lifter, or browse our Manhole Lifter Accessories to ensure a fully equipped and safe working environment. Remember, worker safety is paramount. Let Premier Safety be your partner in achieving it.

Premier Safety is committed to providing high-quality manhole lifters from trusted brands. Our lifters are built to ensure long-lasting performance and reliable operation, keeping your workers safe for years to come.