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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Keeping your workers safe with quality construction Personal Protective Equipment!

Personal protective equipment or PPE kit is a set of equipment worn to minimize exposure to workplace hazards. Now the type of equipment you use will depend on the working conditions of your workplace, but PPE, in general, is designed to safeguard workers from hazards resulting from chemicals, radiological products, heavy machinery, electrical faults, and such.

Through its elaborate portfolio of products, Premier Safety ensures you or your workers are never without proper protective equipment. Our vast range of PPE gear allows you to browse your desired products by all major brands in the world. We have everything from gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, muffs, hard hats to respirators, coveralls, and vests.

Catering to the ever-growing demand for Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is vital for all workers at risk of being harmed in any way. We must remember that precaution is better than cure and work towards ensuring all our workers are protected to the best of our capabilities and at all times.

Premier Safety, one of the best PPE suppliers in North America, is here to ensure your workers are equipped with all the necessary equipment they need to protect themselves from potential workplace harm.

Employers worldwide recognize the importance of getting quality PPE kits not only because it keeps their workers safe but also because it keeps them out of legal matters concerning the standard safety requirements. Premier Safety facilitates their decision of keeping their employees and workers safe by providing them with quality and safe personal protective equipment for sale.

Personal Protective Equipment for your workplace

As a business owner and employer, it is your moral and legal responsibility to ensure your workers are protected from potential harms coming while they work for you. So, to make sure you are prepared for the role, we have a guide to help you understand your requirements.

Assessment of hazard

Assessing the hazard and its potential risks is vital to ensure your workers stay protected. It is imperative to remain open-minded and realistic during this phase and evaluate the risk involved in each process of your operations.

Selection of PPE kit

The selection of a PPE kit is another essential aspect of keeping your employees safe. Check out your state requirements for your line of work, and then, based on the hazard assessment, create a list of protective gear that will help safeguard your workers.

Training for proper care and wear of PPE gear

Once you have a list of your PPE requirements, the next step is to ensure your workers know how to wear and care for your gear. You can check for general instructions and adequately size and train your employees. A PPE supplier like us ensures you get the equipment you need in time and as per your requirements.

Verify your Personal protective equipment setup

Post-training, it is essential to verify your employees adhere to proper procedures and follow the instructions carefully. The verification process can be conducted in various ways, for instance, paper tests and physical tests wherein they are asked to wear the PPE.

Why is Premier Safety the best place to buy PPE kits

Fast delivery

We have an elaborate delivery network throughout North America. We ship your products the same day from the nearest warehouse to ensure it reaches you in the shortest timespan possible.

Extensive product portfolio

We stock head-to-toe PPE products to ensure your employees are always well protected. Being one of the best PPE suppliers, we stock everything you could need!

Rental options

If buying protective equipment doesn’t seem like a convenient option for you, we have rental options available for a plethora of products. Simply rent, return and repeat.

Premier Safety offerings

Protect your employees and workers with quality PPE Kits from Premier Safety!