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Must have Absorbents Equipment

The presence of liquids and moisture in the wrong places could result in serious damage to a business. Regardless of what kind of organization you work for, there are bound to be common problems that occur. These problems range from chemical spills on the factory floor to water puddles in the hallway to mold growing on the goods that are packed. It is most often a slip and fall accident that causes the most injuries at work, as well as spills of hazardous materials. These injuries are the most common reasons for workers' compensation payments and absences from work.

It is essential that the right spill absorbent products are always available in a facility where there is a frequent spillage of chemicals and oils. There are many different spill absorbent products available on the market today. We at Premier Safety offer some of the most effective safety solutions on the market today. Since we are experts in our field, we can advise you the type of absorbent that is most appropriate for each application based on our expert knowledge.

Types Absorbents

Absorbent Pads

If spilled fluids or other types of potential hazards happen, it is recommended that absorbent pads be used. The use of absorbent pads can be used to clean up spills as they will soak up spills quickly and won't cause them to degrade.

Among the most used absorbents, clay-based absorbents are one of the most used absorbents. As a result of the absorbent clay particle taking up liquid, it is scooped up and disposed of properly.

In the event of an oil spill, it may be difficult to clean up, so it is imperative to have the appropriate cleaning materials on hand. In most cases, polypropylene is used to clean up oil. Using polypropylene absorbents comprised of several layers is the easiest and most common method of eliminating oil.

Absorbent Mats & Rugs

Wet floors are commonly prevented in the workplace by using mats and rugs, which are used to prevent the spread of moisture. Their primary function is to absorb the numerous liquids tracked into the workplace and thrown around during the workday. Employees will be able to walk on a dry mat that absorbs these contaminants, remains dry, and provides a safe surface for walking.

Absorbent Pads

Besides being used as a means of absorbing small leaks, pads are also included in spill kits as a means of preventing accidents resulting from slips and falls because of small leaks.

Absorbent Booms & Socks

As well as being able to absorb oil-based liquids, sorbent socks and booms can also be used to absorb water-based liquids as well. The versatility of this product allows it to accommodate spills of almost any shape and pattern, due to its flexibility. To keep liquids from spreading on uneven surfaces, they are used.