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Noise Dosimeters

Noise Dosimeters & Sound Level Meters

By using a noise level meter from Premier Safety, you will be able to determine the volume levels in music production as well as noise levels in factory environments, construction sites, and other places of work by utilizing a reliable sound level meter. Using these handheld devices, you can identify and assess the sources of noise to eliminate them and protect your hearing. When it comes to high-quality sound level meters, you can count on Premier Safety.

We carry a wide selection of noise dosimeters from top suppliers serving the industry. Our lineup of noise monitoring equipment helps protect workers in a range of industrial environments from potentially harmful levels of sound. The units we offer come with features that can include OLED displays for easy viewing even under direct sunlight, as well as USB connections to sync with other equipment in the field.

When you choose to source your noise dosimeters through Premier Safety, you’ll benefit from more than our vast inventory of choices. You’ll experience our comprehensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to this equipment. Our representatives will work with you to determine the personal noise dosimeters and accessories best suited for your needs and environment. If you want to learn more about everything we have to offer, see our complete lineup of noise protection products or browse through our selection below.