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Winter Readiness Winter Readiness

Winter Readiness

Hi-Vis Cold Weather Gear & Winter PPE

Winter Ready: Enhancing Worker Safety with Cold-Weather PPE

Ensuring the safety of outdoor workers during the winter months is paramount. In frigid conditions, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role. PPE for cold weather includes enhanced insulation, resistance to extreme cold, and comfort-focused features. To prevent frostbite, workers should equip themselves with waterproof safety gloves, sturdy steel-toed boots, and anti-fog safety glasses.

Premier Safety is the best place to turn when you need hi-vis cold weather gear for your crew. We carry a wide range of products from leading manufacturers including hi-vis extreme cold-weather jackets, gloves, boots, and more. These products are ideal for keeping workers warm and safe while working outside when the temperature drops below freezing. Our inventory of winter PPE contains gear made from high-quality materials and includes numerous features to enhance comfort and functionality while on the job.

For example, many of our jackets include pockets specifically for storing cell phones or radios, so crew members have ready access to communicate with co-workers. They also come with elastic bands at the wrists and drawstrings around the bottom to help them fit as snugly and securely as possible to prevent exposure to the cold.

Our collection of hi-vis winter clothing also provides enhanced safety because each item is made from highly reflective materials. This means high-visibility cold weather gear ensures motorists and equipment operators will be able to see workers easily — even during snowstorms and other severe weather events. This is critical for preventing accidents that can occur when working in high-traffic areas or on jobsites where heavy equipment is used.

We also offer a number of accessories including helmet liners, detachable cleats for boots, and wearable heating pads for use inside gloves and boots. We provide the best selection of hi-vis winter gear so you can prepare your team for whatever conditions they might encounter.

Cold weather exposes workers to diverse hazards, underscoring the urgency for employers to upgrade their PPE programs promptly. Prioritizing winter-ready PPE safeguards workers’ well-being in the harshest conditions. For a comprehensive range of cold-weather safety gear, contact us today or browse our lineup of cold-weather gear here on this page.