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Men's Work Safety Boots

Men's Boots

Safety-Toe Work Boots & Shoes

The majority of people at risk of foot injuries wear work boots and shoes with safety toes, such as construction workers, factory workers, military personnel, and first responders. It is also important to note that safety boots are designed to protect against electrical hazards, punctures, impacts, and slips. In order to make safety shoes, the toes are made from materials such as steel, metal, or composite materials.

General Purpose Boots

General-purpose rubber boots protect feet from liquid splashes, such as water, oil, and some chemicals. When your feet are constantly exposed to water or chemicals, you wear these boots over your socks. The height of these garments makes them suitable for workers who want to tuck in their pant legs and protect their legs from liquids.

Food Processing Boots

In the food processing industry, boots are worn by workers to protect them from a variety of hazards, including animal fats, food by-products, and chemicals used in food processing. It is designed to be used at the end of the production process of the food products. It is not recommended to use them in close proximity to live animals. Worker's pants can be tucked into the open top in order to protect their clothing from being damaged.

Farming, Agriculture & Fishery Boots

A farmer, an agricultural worker, or a fishery worker is required to wear boots if he or she is continuously in contact with animal liquids, barnyard waste, and waste generated by fisheries. The boots used in agricultural fields are designed to protect your feet from farm animals and from the waste produced by livestock, chickens, pigs and other animals on the farm. It is important to wear proper footwear when performing marine-related activities near oceans and lakes, such as fishing and shrimp catching.

Oil, Gas & Mining Boots

A PVC upper resists chemicals and is lighter than rubber in these knee boots for oil, gas, and mining operations. Just below the knee, knee-high boots protect the foot, lower leg, and calf. During petrochemical and mining operations, oil, gas, and mining boots must be chemically resistant and durable.