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Harnesses, Holsters, Holders


Safety harness accessories can be attached to safety harnesses or used in conjunction with them to make them more comfortable or convenient, modify their functions, or add safety features. These items are discussed above. When a worker falls, suspension trauma relief straps relieve pressure on their legs. They also have harness holders, seat slings, and replacement padding for workers wearing harnesses to make them more comfortable.


Holsters for tools are designed to hold specific types or shapes of tools. In most cases, they are used in conjunction with a single tool. As a result of its resistance to abrasion and stains, polyester dries quickly when wet, and stretches but returns to its original shape if it becomes wet. Leather is more durable than natural or synthetic fabrics. It is resistant to cuts and punctures, will not crack like plastic, and will last longer and provide a better level of protection than natural or synthetic fabrics. As compared to polyester, nylon is softer, stronger, and more elastic, but is less resistant to water and stains. In addition to blocking out water, plastic provides a durable, protective surface.