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Facility Maintenance Supplies Facility Maintenance Supplies

Facility Maintenance Supplies

Maintaining a clean, safe space for employees and visitors is essential for any commercial facility or government entity. But without the proper equipment, it is difficult to provide the proper level of protection. As a business owner, you can overcome this challenge by partnering with an experienced vendor who specializes in janitorial and facility maintenance equipment

Why is janitorial facility maintenance equipment so important?

OSHA statistics show that many facility fatalities and injuries can be traced back to a small collection of violations. Many of these violations relate to improper fall protection and inadequate maintenance. For example, slips and falls are the second most common cause of injury at the workplace. They are even more likely to occur in facilities where there is recurring moisture build-up on the floors and work station surfaces.

What types of equipment help reduce these risks?

While the risks of a poorly maintained facility are serious, the good news is that you can prevent or eliminate them by investing in the proper equipment. Premier Safety offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to help you keep your facility in safe working order. Here is a look at some of the most popular types of janitorial maintenance products we offer:

  • Industrial fans to eliminate moisture. Options include portable units, oscillating and non-oscillating fans, and gas-powered blowers.
  • Floor mats to help provide traction while protecting your floor's surface. Choices include sidewalk matting and industrial deck plate matting.
  • Personal care products such as premium grade hand sanitizers. Our sanitizers are available in large quantities to afford cost savings.
  • Cleaning rags and wipes to help keep work stations neat and dry. Rags are available in white and colored versions. 
  • Storage bins and containers to promote safe disposal of waste and proper storage of chemicals. Choices are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Straps and tie downs to secure inventory loads and customer shipments.
  • Wet mops and buckets to use for routine cleaning and facility maintenance.

What are the risks of ignoring maintenance equipment needs?

When maintenance equipment needs are ignored, facilities face a higher risk of employee injury, structural damage, and contamination. Additionally, your facility faces a higher risk of OSHA violations that could result in costly penalties, fines, and even closure of your business. Here are just a few problems that may arise without the proper janitorial maintenance products:

  • Slip and fall accidents due to spillage and debris on floors and platforms
  • Flooding due to poorly sealed drains
  • Combustible dust fires arising from debris buildup in ducts and on walls
  • Contamination due to improper cleanup of hazardous spills

What are the challenges of buying the right janitorial and facility maintenance products?

If you have made facility maintenance a top priority for your business, then you have taken the first and most important step on the path to workplace safety. With this important step behind you, it's important to choose your maintenance equipment with care. This is often more challenging than it seems because there is no official universal handbook for buying products to maintain your facility. Here are some of the roadblocks you may face as you move forward:

  • Slick ads for ineffective products: Anyone can create a website and sell maintenance equipment. But not all products have the same strength and capabilities. It's important to look for suppliers with industry experience that are staffed by knowledgeable sales professionals.
  • Poor quality equipment: Products made overseas or with low-quality materials tend to be prone to damage and have a shorter lifespan. You can avoid this pitfall by choosing a provider with a focus on quality and a clear product return policy.
  • A lack of product support: After-sale support is critical to your long-term satisfaction with janitorial products. You can separate the best companies from the rest by looking for companies that offer training and support to customers. Training solutions that focus on proper maintenance and OSHA guidelines are especially helpful.
  • Equipment costs: Finding high-quality equipment at an affordable cost is not always easy. One of the best ways to control equipment costs is to seek a supplier who offers a wide variety of equipment in every key category of safety equipment

Why choose Premier Safety for janitorial and facility maintenance equipment?

The key to overcoming the challenges above is to choose a leader in the janitorial maintenance industry. For over seven decades, facilities across the globe have turned to Premier Safety for our janitorial maintenance products. We are committed to continually improving our quality of product and service so you can rest assured you are minimizing risk at your facility.

We invite you to contact us to discover why we are America's most trusted source for janitorial facility maintenance equipment. Whether you maintain a small warehouse or a multi-state chain of facilities, we have the products you need to keep your sites well-maintained. We look forward to helping you keep your facility clean, comfortable, and safe!