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Fixed Gas Detectors

Why Use A Fixed Gas Detection Controllers

Gas detection equipment is an integral part of any safe work environment. Fixed gas controllers ensure that the right gas concentration is present to prevent any gas leak dangers such as fires, explosions, and asphyxiation. But what are fixed gas detection systems, their types, and the benefits? Read on as we dig deeper.

What is Fixed Gas Detection?

Fixed gas detection are leak detection systems installed to provide continuous protection, providing early warning of gas leaks and potentially hazardous situations around the clock. These fixed gas detection systems are specifically designed to alert you of dangerous situations like the potential danger of poisoning, explosion, or asphyxiation due to a lack of oxygen instantaneously. 

Types of Gas Detection Systems

Generally, gas detection systems fall under two main categories; fixed or portable. These systems work differently and differ in terms of how they are used.

Fixed gas detectors are mounted near the control room, central processing area, or an area that constantly requires protection, such as basement parking. These gas detector accessories offer protection round the clock detecting gas leaks even when the operator isn't around, prompting emergency response teams to act. A fixed gas detector monitors levels of more than one particular gas and makes both audible and visual warnings when hazardous gases are detected.


Portable gas detectors are typically worn on safety equipment or handheld devices. These devices assist workers in performing tasks such as maintenance where employees might release or disturb gases that shouldn't be in that area.

They work by detecting dangerous gas leaks that might harm people or by assessing weak points in the plant where gases might leak. Portable gas detector accessories are also an excellent way to sample gases, where workers need to monitor the quality of the atmosphere. Unlike fixed systems that offer protection to many people at one time, portable detectors ensure the wearer's safety.

How to Select a Fixed Gas Detector

Choosing the right fixed gas detector is essential. However, with a wide range of choices on the market, it can be challenging to find one that best suits your requirements. It's important to select a gas detector that can accurately monitor gas levels in the areas where you might be exposed to risk. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right gas detector for your needs.


The location should be your first consideration. Where do you need the fixed gas detection system? You need to assess the location based on several environmental conditions such as airflow, humidity, temperature, or wind speed. The gas detection system you choose should take these factors into account and react accordingly.

Types of Gases to Detect

What gas type(s) do you need to monitor? Different fixed gas detectors measure different gases. Fixed gas detection systems can monitor toxic and combustible gases, while special systems can also monitor oxygen levels.

If you need to measure only one specific type of gas, then a detection system with one detector head might be enough. However, if you have multiple gas sources or need to measure different types, multi-gas monitors with several heads and detectors are ideal.


It's also essential that you consider the functionality of the gas detector. Does it work with other equipment? Is it convenient to use with your existing plant equipment, or do you need to make modifications?

Choose a gas detector with all the necessary features you require, such as remote signaling and automatic control. Gas detection equipment should be easy to use with minimal training required.

Alarm Type

What do you need the gas detector to do upon detecting toxic or combustible gases? Do you need alarms under certain conditions, or do you require continuous noise? The alarm should sound when there is a presence of dangerous gases, so you need to consider the settings that would work for you.

Benefits of a Fixed Gas Detection Systems

With the increased risk of gas poisoning, fires, and explosion, gas leak detection is essential for the safety of your workforce. But why use a fixed gas detection controllers?

A fixed gas detection system offers several advantages over portable gas detectors for your workplace. Fixed gas detection systems come with a range of features that help in easy control and monitoring of gases and offer several benefits, including:

Continuous Monitoring

Unlike portable gas detection systems, a fixed gas detection system offers continuous monitoring of gas levels. Continuous gas monitoring safeguards your workers from exposure to toxic gases, explosive gases, and oxygen depletion. This prevents a gas hazard outburst and ensures the safety of your workers. Fixed systems feature visual and audible alarms that indicate high gas levels.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

By choosing a fixed gas detection controller, you can reduce the maintenance cost for gas leak detection. Fixed systems are typically more durable and offer an easy installation with fewer components that need regular maintenance. A fixed detection system is designed to operate in harsh environments and withstand vibrations, shocks, and intense heat.

Ease of Use

A fixed gas detector features an easy-to-use control panel, which is easy to operate. This ensures technicians respond quickly to gas leak dangers and control parameters such as output alarms and gas levels. Its sensors offer quick gas response time and accuracy, making them suitable for confined spaces and tough plant conditions.

The Bottom Line

A safe working environment is the ultimate goal of every employer, offering protection to workers along with the safety of your plant. A fixed gas detection controller provides several benefits for gas leak detection in your workplace. It offers a range of features, including remote access, and can easily be installed with no or minimal modifications to your plant.

Partnering with professional fixed gas installers or gas detection equipment manufacturers is essential to ensure you install the right fixed gas detectors. At Premier Safety, we have helped businesses and organizations like yours for over 70 years with gas leak detection and gas safety equipment.

Our team of professionals is trained to help you assess your needs and recommend suitable products based on your requirements. Contact us today to know more about our products and services or help with gas safety equipment installation.