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Emergency Escape Respirators

The Importance Of Emergency Escape Respirators

Emergency escape respirators or escape hoods are a type of self-contained breathing device used for emergency escape in hazardous situations that could harm the life or health of a person. When used properly, the respirators provide adequate emergency protection by allowing you to escape from oxygen-deficient environments or contain toxic contaminants. Most industries place the escape respirators strategically in areas where hazardous conditions could easily occur and in other places where breathing air is needed for immediate escape. This blog looks at the importance of emergency escape respirators and factors to consider when choosing one.

What Is the Design of an Emergency Escape Respirator?

Emergency escape respirator comes as a compact and lightweight device. It features a compressed cylinder that supplies airflow to a loose-fitting hood that goes over the wearer's head, thus sealing the neck. The high coverage design also protects your eyes from irritation while allowing you to see clearly when escaping to safety. 

What Is the Importance of Emergency Escape Respirators?

The fundamental function of an emergency escape respirator is to offer respiratory protection that minimizes exposure to substances that are dangerous to your health in the workplace and during emergencies. The escape respirators protect the wearer from harm in emergency evacuation situations when the ambient breathable air gets suddenly contaminated with abnormal concentrations of a pollutant or poorly oxygenated. Escape hoods provide the wearer with short-time protection in conditions where chemicals or smoke are present. It is designed to block the contaminants from reaching your eyes or skin while restricting you from inhaling the harmful particles that could be perilous to your health.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Escape Respirator

The following are some of the extremely important factors that can help you distinguish the suitable respirator from a list of options:

Protection Level Based on the Specific Risk

Safety managers need to consider the identified risk when choosing the respirator. For example, if the identified hazard is fire, both the air escape hood and self-contained breathing devices should be suitable choices. If you need protection from a toxin release in a high hazard situation with oxygen deficiency, opt for a device with an escape cylinder or a self-contained escape breathing apparatus.

Respirator's Capabilities

Apart from the protection level, you should also understand each chosen respirator's capabilities. Before you pick the product best for workers and the work environment, do in-depth research on the benefits and drawbacks of each device. Ask as many questions as possible about each device's capabilities and do a comparative analysis to determine the superior respirator that meets your application's demands.

Features of the Respirators

You should come up with a list of must-have features that the chosen respirator should have. One of the critical features to look at is the ease of use. The chosen device should be quick and easy to don, user-friendly, and lightweight to guarantee an efficient emergency escape process. Another feature to look out for is the material composition. The suitable respirator material composition should guarantee quality and reliability. Go for impenetrable materials that ensure workers have the highest degree of protection in a hazardous environment.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain an Escape Respirator?

It is crucial that you maintain your devices properly. Proper maintenance doesn't only guarantee an extended lifespan, but it also ensures the device is kept at the optimal quality condition to allow it to function at the greatest capacity during emergencies. This ensures the user will be fully protected in hazardous environments. The following are the best maintenance practices for your escape respirator:

  • Change the filters as per the manufacturer specifications

  • Clean and disinfect the device after each use

  • Store the equipment in environments that protect them from contamination, damage, and extreme temperatures

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Millions of workers in America are exposed to clouds of dust and dangerous plumes in their workplaces each day. These substances cause occupational diseases that result from breathing contaminated air full of harmful gases, fumes, dust, mists, smoke, or vapors. Because of the hazardous breathing conditions, OSHA requires workers to wear respirators to protect their breathing and carry out their duties in safety at the workplace. The importance of escape respirators in dusty, smoky, or vapors worksites can't be overstated. 

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