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Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment Rental

Since 1950, Premier Safety has been one of the nation's top suppliers of fall protection equipment. We offer an expansive range of protective gear and highly sophisticated safety devices. All of our products are carefully maintained, and everything we provide is fully compliant with the latest safety regulations. We can help you cut costs, prevent job site accidents, and optimize your time. The following is everything you need to know about renting your fall protection equipment for confined spaces with both vertical and horizontal entry points from Premier Safety.

Choose From the Latest Fall Protection Equipment Designs

Fall protection equipment is broken down into four separate categories:


  • Fall arrest
  • Retrieval
  • Suspension
  • Positioning


At Premier Safety, we've got you covered. You can choose from the latest equipment and device designs by working with your in-house compliance consultant, our own team of equipment rental specialists, your construction manager, or your insurance company. Simply choose the fall prevention products and quantities that you want and we'll have them delivered post-haste. Your rental period starts the moment your fall protection equipment shows up and ends as soon as it's dropped off or released to our return shipping service (UPS). With our competitive prices, convenient equipment returns, and diligent maintenance, we make it easy for companies to cut costs, remain compliant, and avoid potentially devastating accidents. 

Many of our top fall equipment rentals represent a seamless integration of mechanical systems, electronics, and first-rate safety materials. The result of tireless research and development efforts, these designs are easy and intuitive to use. They're also flexible enough for accommodating a diverse range of environments, and built to mitigate the risks of multiple industry-specific hazards.

Selecting Fall Protection Equipment for Entry, Exit, and Rescue Within Confined Spaces

All fall protection equipment for use within confined spaces should function reliably across entry, exit, and rescue operations. For each of these efforts, your team will need to have three equipment types:

  • Connectors
  • Body Support
  • Anchorage

One of the most important things to remember when choosing fall protection equipment is that OSHA regulations require all onsite workers to have it, even those team members who aren't scheduled to enter any vertical or horizontal confined spaces. 

Get Secure Anchorage With a Confined Space Tripod Rental

Davits and tripods are the most common choices for anchorage within confined spaces. Whenever your team will be using a vertical entry in a space that lacks a fixed ladder, a tripod is likely the best choice. A confined space tripod rental will work great in many task-specific applications including manhole entry. Our confined space tripod rentals are easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to transport. When choosing a confined space tripod rental, it's important to have accurate measurements of the opening size. Most standard confined space tripods have limitations on the opening sizes that they're able to accommodate. In instances in which tripods won't work, davit posts or davit arms will be the most suitable alternatives. With their adjustable bases, some davit arms can be used to lift workers over openings that are too large for tripods.

Finding the Right Options in Body Support

Although durability, integrity, and compliance are always top concerns for confined space equipment rentals, comfort is also key. This is especially true when workers will be positioned in any confined space for a significant amount of time, and when they'll be performing similar jobs in multiple, similar locations throughout the day. After all, you want your team members to be able to focus on the job at hand rather than their restricted legs or compressed mid-sections. For extended jobs, look for high-end, full-body harnesses that have padding built directly into the shoulder, back, and leg areas. The best products additionally have soft edges to prevent chafing, abrasions, and general soreness at all connection sites. 

Advanced Features and Capabilities or Economy?

When durability is your foremost concern, consider the type of materials that harnesses and other body support gear are made from. Harnesses with protective coatings can be especially resistant to grease, dirt, and high levels of humidity. These products wipe clean and remain slip-proof in nearly all applications. For limited use in confined spaces, basic harnesses offer ample durability and are the most economical choice.

How to Choose Rescue Fall Protection Equipment for Confined Spaces

Once you have a solid plan for anchoring your team in confined spaces and the right products for body support, you'll need to secure rescue equipment. This is the gear that will help you regain control and prevent serious injuries and loss of life when the unexpected occurs. Rescue equipment limits the risk of retrieving team members after a fall has occurred. At a minimum, your team will need tripods (if needs-specific tripods aren't already being used at the site), self-retracting lanyards or winches, and rescue harnesses.

For any non-vertical confined spaces, your confined space equipment rentals for rescue should additionally include:

  • Swivels and pulleys
  • Static ropes
  • Backboards or stretchers
  • Breathing gear or S.C.U.B.A.

When devising location-specific rescue plans and securing your confined space equipment rentals, it's important to always have a backup rescue strategy and the right gear for supporting it. This way, if your first rescue attempt doesn't work, you'll still have options for making a timely retrieval. When you work with Premier Safety, you can find a confined space tripod rental with attachments for secondary devices. This way, when necessary, you can quickly and seamlessly switch from a non-entry rescue to an in-person or on-entry retrieval.

Why Premier Safety Is the Top Choice for Fall Protection Rentals

At Premier Safety, we have a vast catalog of rental products for effectively mitigating the risks of multiple hazards and in multiple environments. Whether your team will be making vertical entries into confined spaces or horizontal entries, we've got the right gear for keeping everyone protected. Get in touch with our rental specialists today to start the rental process.