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Flame-Resistant Clothing Flame-Resistant Clothing

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Keeping You Safe from the Heat: Flame-Resistant Clothing at Premier Safety

Working in environments with potential fire hazards requires taking every precaution to ensure your safety. One of the most critical lines of defense is wearing flame-resistant clothing (FRC).  Also referred to as fire-resistant clothing, fire protective clothing, or FR clothing,  FRC garments are specially designed to self-extinguish or resist flames, significantly reducing the risk of severe burn injuries.

What is considered flame-resistant clothing?

Flame-resistant clothing is typically made from specially treated fabrics or inherently flame-resistant fibers. These materials are engineered to char when exposed to flames, creating a barrier that protects the wearer's skin. Some common types of flame-resistant materials include:

  • Aramid fibers: These synthetic fibers, such as Kevlar® and Nomex®, are inherently flame-resistant and offer excellent protection against heat and flames.
  • Treated cotton: Regular cotton can be treated with flame-retardant chemicals to enhance its fire resistance. However, these treatments may diminish over time or with repeated laundering.

The Importance of FR Clothing

FR clothing is essential in various industries where workers face potential flash fire hazards. These industries include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing (including welding and metalworking)
  • Construction
  • Electrical Utilities
  • Firefighting and Emergency Response

In these environments, exposure to fire hazards can come from various sources, such as:

  • Arc flashes from electrical faults
  • Flash fires caused by ignitable liquids or gases.
  • Burning debris or sparks

By creating a barrier between the heat source and the wearer's skin, flame-resistant clothing significantly reduces the severity of burn injuries and can even prevent them altogether. This not only protects individual workers but also minimizes workplace accidents and downtime for businesses.

The Regulations Surrounding Flame-Resistant Clothing

The use of flame-resistant clothing is often mandated by safety regulations set by organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These regulations specify the types of FR clothing required for different job tasks and hazard levels. For instance, NFPA 70E focuses on electrical safety in the workplace and outlines requirements for arc-rated clothing.

Understanding and complying with these regulations is crucial for employers to ensure worker safety and avoid potential fines. Premier Safety can help you navigate these regulations and select the appropriate FR clothing for your specific needs.


Does flame-resistant clothing burn?

No, flame-resistant clothing does not burn in the traditional sense. However, prolonged exposure to flames can eventually cause the material to char or melt. This charring creates a barrier that helps protect the wearer.

What is the difference between flame resistant and flame retardant?

The terms "flame resistant" and "flame retardant" are often used interchangeably. However, there can be a slight difference.  Flame-resistant clothing offers inherent protection that lasts for the garment's lifetime.  Flame retardant clothing, on the other hand, might have fire-resistant properties applied through a chemical treatment.  These treatments may diminish over time or with washing.

What type of clothing is acceptable to wear beneath flame-resistant clothing?

It's recommended to wear natural fiber clothing, such as cotton, underneath your FR clothing. This helps to absorb sweat and provides an additional layer of protection. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics under your FR clothing, as they can melt or burn when exposed to flames.

Premier Safety: Your One-Stop Shop for High-Quality Flame-Resistant Clothing

At Premier Safety, we understand the critical role FR clothing plays in keeping workers safe. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality flame-resistant clothing, including:

Our FR clothing comes from trusted brands and is designed to meet the latest safety standards. We also offer a variety of styles and sizes to ensure a comfortable and functional fit for every worker.

In addition to FR clothing, Premier Safety is your complete source for all your workplace safety needs.  We offer a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard you from various hazards, including:

  • Safety Footwear to protect your feet from punctures, electrical hazards, and slips and falls.
  • Protective Headgear such as hard hats and bump caps to shield your head from falling objects and bumps.
  • Gloves to safeguard your hands from cuts, abrasions, chemicals, and heat.
  • Eye Protection including safety glasses and goggles to shield your eyes from flying debris, dust, and chemicals.
  • Respiratory Protection such as respirators to protect you from inhaling harmful dust, fumes, and vapors.
  • High-Visibility Clothing to enhance your visibility in low-light conditions, keeping you safe in environments with moving vehicles or machinery.
  • Fall Protection Equipment including harnesses, lanyards, and lifelines to safeguard you from falls from heights.
  • Cooling Apparel to help you stay cool and comfortable in hot work environments.
  • Cleaning Products for maintaining the hygiene and safety of your workplace.

At Premier Safety, we prioritize your safety.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the appropriate FR clothing and other PPE to meet your specific job requirements and industry regulations.  We are committed to providing you with the resources and equipment you need to work confidently and safely in any environment.

Browse our extensive selection of flame-resistant clothing today and invest in your safety!