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Commercial Restroom Supplies

Restroom Equipment

To prevent waste, you can use a hand soap dispenser to provide a premeasured amount of hand soap at a time to prevent waste. With touch-free dispensers, there is no need for the user to touch the handle or pump of the dispenser to use it. To operate a manual dispenser, you only need to push a button. Typically, you will find them in restrooms in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and manufacturing plants, as well as in restrooms in hospitals.

Dispensing Pumps

Suitable for a variety of products, including cleaners, waxes, hand soaps, shampoo, detergent, sanitizers, and more. It is possible to portion-control dispensing from just about any standard plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. Whether you need it as a replacement or as a new addition, you can use it wherever you need one!