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Gas Detection Equipment & Instrumentation

Gas Detection Instruments & Equipment

Keeping the safety of your employees in check with quality gas detection equipment!

Gas leak detectors are a valuable resource in maintaining the safety of your employees. Our efficient gas monitors help keep them protected from flammable, toxic, or asphyxiant gases. These gas monitors keep a check on the concentration of specific gases and trigger an alarm as soon as they exceed the exposure limit. They serve as an effective tool in keeping your workers safe and protected.

Our gas detection setup is exceptionally efficient while working in confined spaces. Since working in a confined space leaves little room for gas dispersion, installing quality gas leak detectors is imperative.

If you are dealing with flammable gases, a multi-gas monitor will be your best bet. These multi-gas monitors can keep a check on various gases, including methane, LPG, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and more. All you will need to do is calibrate them with calibration gas, and you are all set. Another essential aspect to note is that while working in confined spaces, it is vital to maintain the desired level of oxygen. Our efficient industrial gas detectors will also help you keep up with your requirements of oxygen.

Industries where gas detection systems are must-haves

Mining and Quarrying

Two of the deadliest occupational hazards for miners and metalworkers are methane and hydrogen sulfide. Both of these gases are highly combustible and are the leading cause of death of thousands of workers. It is imperative to have an efficient gas detection setup if you are involved in the mining business.

Chemical refining

Oils are refined post extraction using cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The process entails the usage of ammonia and chlorine, which are both toxic gases. To ensure the level is maintained to a minimum, installing a proper gas detection setup is necessary. In times like these, a single gas monitor will not work.

Pulp and paper

The paper-making process generates methane and hydrogen sulfide as a result of a chemical reaction to breaking down lignin. If these gases are not monitored and controlled properly, they can result in asphyxiation, pulmonary injury, and even death.


Automotive facilities house labs dedicated to research and development. These labs also contain engine testing chambers that emit sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide. These are very harmful gases and can result in loss of vision, so it is imperative to keep a check on them.

Premier Safety for quality commercial gas detectors!

World’s best brands

We house the best brands in the world when it comes to gas leak detection equipment. Our extensive brand portfolio allows our customers to choose in line with their desired parameters.

Comprehensive product list

We have everything you can need for an efficient gas detection setup. We have an elaborate product portfolio from single gas monitors and multi-gas monitors to portable gas monitors and FTIR gas analyzers. Check out our collection to buy gas detection instruments as per your needs.

Quick delivery

We ship your product the same day from the nearest of our several warehouses in North America to ensure it reaches you in the minimal possible time. All our products are efficient and can be put to use right after calibrating with calibration gas.

Renting options available

If you don’t want to make a hefty investment for a temporary job, we can help you maximize your scope by offering easy renting solutions. Rent any product, including our FTIR gas analyzers, with ease with our zero maintenance, low cost, and easy return features!

After-sales support

Customer satisfaction is something we swear by, and in our bid to help our clients make the best of their purchases, we offer after-sales support. We can help you fix or install your gas detection equipment with ease!

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