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Industrial Fasteners And Tools Industrial Fasteners And Tools

Industrial Fasteners And Tools

There are many industrial fasteners to use with tools designed to fasten them. It is vital that you select the appropriate tool for installation depending on your applications. Using incorrect tools poses safety risks that may lead to weak joints or attachments. When such tools break, they present safety risks for you and your employees at the workplace.

The general-purpose tools used in most applications include drills for creating holes, drive fasteners, and hammers for driving in nails and aligning parts. You can also get specialized tools for tightening threaded fasteners, applying adhesives, inserting rivets, and welding. Before you decide on a tool, be sure to research and find its ideal application.

Tightening Threaded Fasteners

There are various tools for tightening threaded fasteners. Each of the tools is usually unique to match differences in the heads available and serve different applications. Depending on your company projects, you may have limited access or versatility to choose different tools. The best tools to get for threaded fasteners are screwdrivers, spanners, keys, drivers, and sockets. You can find electrical tools from top brands for different applications.

Drilling Holes

For some projects, you may need to drill holes first. In most cases, fasteners such as bolts and rivets work best for drilled holes. You can use electric drills, hand-held drills, milling machines, drill presses, and orbital drilling machines, depending on the circumstances or your preferences. Nonetheless, drill-holes often match the size of the drill bits used. Find top brands that use quality drill bits to produce cleaner holes, less vibration, and lower reaction forces.

Installing Rivets

Most companies use traditional solid rivets that are highly effective at fastening. They are also used in the construction of aircraft and for protecting large steel structures. After fitting rivets, you require a hammer and anvil to form the heads. It would be best to access both sides of the hole to hammer the rivet into place. The anvil is placed on one end of the rivet while the hammer strikes the other end. Hand-held air hammers and riveting machines can replace hand hammers. These use hydraulic and electromagnetic presses. It is advisable to select your tools depending on your budget and applications.

Applying Adhesives

Caulk guns are popular tools for the application of adhesives. The adhesives come in containers designed to enable easy application through the use of dispensers. Another integral use for the Caulk gun is to apply heat. Glue guns help to apply hot glue.


There are various ways to perform welding with a gas torch, electric arc, high-energy beam, and ultrasound. The options depend on the applications and the company's budget. All of them require specialized tools for effective performance. For example, arc welding requires different forms of fastening, stick welding, and TIG welding. It would help if you had tools with varying power supplies, wire feeds, and shielding gas. You can also prepare joints for welding with angle grinders.

How to Find Fasteners and Tools

Possessing the right tools is critical to completing your company's applications successfully. You can choose between hand and electric-powered tools, but selecting the most appropriate ones is essential to improving your workplace safety.

Fasteners come in multiple types according to different applications. The perfect fasteners use a screw thread with an external thread and an internal thread. Manufacturers use stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or titanium.

When looking for tools, you can use the following classifications to get perfect tools: 

  • Functions: ensure you get tools that match your project requirements.
  • Design: you can get hand tools or power tools to suit your needs. Hand tools include cutters, screwdrivers, and saws, while power tools are electric drills, impact screwdrivers, and grinders.

When sourcing for tools, ensure you go for quality brands. Get your tools from reputable manufacturers who have a proven record of offering quality equipment. Safety is another crucial element to keep in mind when looking for tools. Furthermore, power tools require training to be able to handle them since they can be dangerous. Train all your employees to be conversant with each of the tools.

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