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Booms & Socks

Socks and Boom Absorbents are vital for spill control

In order to prevent spills from spreading, absorbent socks act as a barrier for spills. Using spill absorbent socks, spills can be contained and absorbed, so that the process of cleaning up spills becomes faster and easier. It is helpful to know that absorbent socks come in a variety of types and capacities that can effectively absorb various types of spills.

Are there different types of absorbent socks?

While absorbent socks may appear to have a similar appearance, they are quite different from each other. There are many different types of socks available, and each sock is designed to meet a particular purpose. If you are looking for an absorbent sock that can meet your specific requirements, we can help you find it.

Universal Absorbent Socks

The main thing to keep in mind is that universal socks have the ability to absorb a wide range of industrial fluids, including oils, coolants, solvents, and other lubricants. Industrial settings often use these socks to clean up spills and nasty drips that occur as a result of the work themselves.

Water Absorbing Socks

There are numerous ways in which leaks and drips can negatively impact the working environment in the workplace. You can find socks for any type of water problem, regardless of the type of water problem. If you have a spill caused by a leaky pipe or if you have a small amount of condensation on your hand, it's wise to use a sock to contain it.

Oil-Absorbing Socks

In order to repel water, Oil-Only socks are made from materials that have a hydrophobic nature. When an oil spill occurs on water or when a spill occurs outdoors, these socks are the most effective choice to protect yourself from oil.

Absorbent Socks for Hazardous Chemicals

In order to clean up hazardous chemical spills, chemical absorbent socks can be used to absorb the chemicals. In addition to being able to absorb a wide range of acids, bases, and unknown liquids, these socks are also antibacterial in nature. This makes them ideal for several purposes.

Are spill absorbent booms and socks different?

In contrast to booms, socks have a smaller diameter, which allows spills to be contained. This prevents spills from spreading out of control. A sock is an ideal solution to keep drips and spills from accumulating around machinery by preventing them from accumulating. Using spill control booms, land and water spills can be kept under control on both land and water.

With Premier Safety, you can rest assured that your premises will be kept free of oils, chemicals, water, and other liquids that are prone to spreading.