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Spill Control Drum Funnel

Spill Control Drums

In the workplace, there is a risk of liquids becoming contaminated or spilling when they are handled. A spill of a chemical, especially a corrosive or hazardous chemical, could pose a threat to the environment and people if it is handled and handled improperly. Chemical processing can be made more efficient if a process is more efficient. By using drum funnels, you are preventing your workers from being exposed to hazardous chemicals, which could have adverse effects on them. Additionally, there are many benefits to using drum funnels. Additionally, it is not only easy to use, but it also simplifies and safeguards the transportation of liquids in the most efficient way.


Pouring is easy and safe with drum funnels: As a result of the large capacity of a drum funnel, it is capable of holding large amounts of liquid. Drum funnels allow the pouring of whole containers without interruption as they allow the entire container to be poured. Furthermore, due to the large funnel opening, overspills and miss-spills are less likely to occur, which is something that conical funnels are not able to achieve. 

Keeps chemicals away from your body: There are many cases when drum funnels also come with lids that make them even more useful. The lid of the drum can be closed after the liquid has been poured into it in order to assure that the liquid drains into the drum safely and in a controlled manner. A drum funnel lid protects containers while they are being drained and stored while they are in the process of being drained. 

Most chemicals can be handled: There are a variety of chemicals that can be handled with drum funnels made of polyethylene. In the case of corrosive chemicals, other funnels are likely to be damaged, resulting in spills of product. In order to minimize uncertainty for your team, it might be advantageous if you use a drum funnel that can take most liquids. 

A secure environment. Drum funnels are designed to fit tightly on top of drums so that they can be filled with products. A drum funnel is an excellent way to ensure that liquids can be safely poured in the workplace with the help of an immovable drum funnel. The risk of spills is greatly reduced if the liquid is not moved before it is poured. This can be a dangerous situation when we are dealing with chemicals that are hazardous or corrosives.


Drain containers: Furthermore, drum funnels offer a large diameter, which can be of great benefit for both time and resource savings. You can leave the draining containers for your staff to do while they go about their other duties. Drum funnels can also be used to hold multiple containers simultaneously, which reduces the amount of time involved in decanting, by allowing them to store several containers at the same time.

There are fewer spills. There is a noticeable reduction in overspills and miss-spills when the use of drum funnels is used. There is no doubt that chemical spills pose a serious threat to public safety, but they also require a significant amount of resources to clean up it. When chemicals are discharged into environmentally sensitive areas, they may have adverse effects on the environment. With the use of drum funnels, you can avoid these problems, as well as avoiding wasting valuable chemicals in the process.


Prevents foreign materials from entering chemicals. When a liquid is transferred from one place to another, it is possible for it to become contaminated. The combination of a secure lid and a wide opening can help speed up the process of decanting as much as possible. As the liquid drains naturally into the drum, it is advisable that, if you decide to leave the drum funnel exterior, you close the lid to help prevent contamination and rain from getting into the drum. 

There are several ways to improve the safety and efficiency of your operations when you use Drum Funnels. Your business's success can be attributed to a number of factors, including the availability of resources, the amount of time you invest, and the safety of your workers. Premier Safety stocks a high-quality drum funnel with the offers mentioned above.