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Fall Limiters

Lifelines & Fall Limiters


In the event of a fall, self-retracting lifelines help prevent injuries by tying a worker's full-body safety harness to an anchor point on a building or structure. Using a D-ring on the safety harness, they extend and retract as a worker moves. An SRL brakes suddenly to absorb energy and stop a worker from falling. Shock-absorbing lanyards limit movement from the anchor point. SRLs enable this. Unlike shock-absorbing lanyards, SRLs typically stop falls within 2 to 4 feet. In construction, manufacturing, welding, utilities, transportation, and oil and gas, self-retracting lifelines are commonly used.

Fall Limiters

A Fall Limiter is a lifeline that combines the small lengths of a shock lanyard with the stopping power of a retractable lifeline in one device. In addition to our large selection of shock absorbing lanyards, we also carry a full line of personal fall limiters.