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For inquires about order status, order issues, returns, exchanges, products not found on, product requests or if you still aren't finding the answers you're looking for please contact our customer service team:
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Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 8am ET – 8pm ET.
Premier Safety is closed for national holidays, click here to see all closing dates.

  • How do I register?
    • Click here to register.

  • How do I order on
    • Order on by first registering here. Once registered or logged in, add your product, instrumentation or rental to your cart and select "Check Out" in the top right corner of any page. Proceed through checkout.

  • How can I find my username?

  • How can I reset my password?
    • Click here to reset your password, an email will be sent to your email address on file containing a link to reset your password.

  • I can't find my reset password email!

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  • What is the status of my order?

  • My order is missing an item or was damaged during shipment, what should I do?

  • Can I pickup my order?
    • We offer the ability to pickup orders at our Detroit, Atlanta, Dayton and Pittsburgh locations in the United States and in our Sarnia and Toronto locations in Canada. When selecting "Pickup in Store" during checkout it will trigger our warehouse to call you when the product is available for pickup. If same day pickup is needed, please contact your local Premier Safety office.

  • Do you have a restocking/return fee?
    • Yes, most returns will incur a restocking fee from the manufacturer if it is not an in-stock item. This fee will be noted on your return receipt and credit acknowledgement.

  • How can I return or exchange an item?

  • How can I order a product that I do not see on your website or online catalog?

  • Where can I send product requests?

  • I reorder the same products often, can I make these easier to reorder?
    • Login, click on Account in the top right corner, and select "Wish Lists". Click "New List," in the new window name your list and click "Create List". To add product onto this list, find the product you want and look for the List icon (see below), and select your newly named list. Confirmation will display once successfully added. Once all your frequently purchased items have been added to your shopping list, navigate back to your name, Shopping Lists, select your shopping list and click "Move List to Cart." Proceed to checkout. Need more assistance? Contact our customer service team: 800.962.7837 | |

  • Is there a minimum dollar amount for online orders?
    • No, there is no minimum for an online order.

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  • What payment options are available for orders placed on
    • Credit card and purchase orders are accepted when ordering on If your account does have payment terms currently setup, and PO is selected at checkout, our customer service team will reach out to gather the necessary information needed to invoice using a purchase order.

  • How do I setup my account to be tax exempt?
    • To setup a tax exemption on your account you will need to send a copy of your W9 and Tax Exemption letter to An account must be set up with the certificate on file prior to placing your order to claim tax exemption. We are not be able to grant tax exemption on Guest Checkout orders.

  • Can I purchase using a PO (purchase order)?
    • We do accept purchase orders as a form of payment online. If your account has not setup payment terms and PO is selected at checkout, our customer service team will reach out to gather the information needed to invoice using a purchase order, or simply apply here.

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  • What is the shipping policy for
    • To view our shipping policy please click here.

  • What if I order an item containing hazardous materials or an excessively large/heavy item?
    • Hazardous material and/or excessively large/heavy orders will incur additional fees. When a hazardous or excessively large item is ordered, the order acknowledgement will be returned to you reflecting the additional fees to your invoice.

  • Do you offer same day delivery on rentals?
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  • How do I dispose of air cylinders?
    • Make sure the cylinder is completely empty and the valve is removed before taking the cylinder to your nearest recycling provider. Recycling canisters at Premier Safety varies by location. Please contact your local Premier Safety to see if they will recycle and dispose the canisters for you. Our locations can be found here.

  • Does Premier Safety service equipment/instrumentation?
    • Yes! Please complete a work order form and select your closest Premier Safety location in the "SHIP TO" dropdown; the mail to address will also be shown there. Package your instrument, and include the form inside. You can also drop off your equipment at our Detroit, Atlanta, Dayton, Iowa and Pittsburgh locations in the United States or in our Sarnia and Toronto locations in Canada.

  • How can I get an instrument serviced?
    • Please complete a work order form and select your closest Premier Safety location in the "SHIP TO" dropdown; the mail to address will also be shown there. Package your instrument, and include the form inside.

  • Does Premier Safety service equipment on-site?

  • Where does Premier Safety service products?
    • The following locations are in-house service centers: Detroit, Atlanta, Dayton and Pittsburgh in the United States and Sarnia and Toronto in Canada. Product can be shipped or dropped off to any of locations. To reach an office directly, use the contact information listed here.

  • What manufacturers does Premier Safety service?
    • We service many manufacturers' equipment, please see our list here.

  • What products/equipment do you service?
    • We service many products, please see our list here.

  • What manufacturers is Premier Safety certified to service?
    • We are certified to service the following equipment:
    • Instrumentation
      • Scott Health and Safety
      • FLIR Thermal Imaging
      • RKI Instruments
      • MSA
      • Industrial Scientific
      • Honeywell | RAE Systems
      • Honeywell | BW Technologies
      • Draeger
      Fall Protection
      • Honeywell | Miller
      • MSA

  • How do I request a quote?

  • I haven't received my email quote?

  • How long do you guarantee your prices?
    • Quoted prices will have an expiration date listed in the terms of the quote; typical expiration dates are 30 days after quoted date unless requested longer. Online prices are subject to change at any time.
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  • How to care for hi-vis clothing?
    • Machine wash, inside out, with like colors in cold water on a delicate cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. This will help extend the life of the reflective tape. Tumble dry on low heat, and remove immediately. Spot clean between washes to keep the intensity of the fluorescent color. Do not iron, or dry clean hi-vis.

  • What is the difference in hi-vis material options?
    • Jersey Knit - 5.6 oz knit known for its cotton-like feel. This durable fabric will help keep you cool.
    • Birdseye Knit - 4.1 oz knit with superior wicking, athletic-type fabric.
    • Micromesh - 3.7 oz mesh is our lightest fabric to help keep you cool and wick away moisture.
    • Shop our hi-vis!

  • Does Premier Safety personalize items?

  • Does Premier Safety offer rental equipment?

  • What areas do you rent to?

  • How do I return rental equipment?

  • How does Premier Safety charge for rentals?
    • We offer hundreds of rental assets – and you can rent these items short-term and long-term. We offer competitive rates for long-term leasing needs. Our rental periods range from daily, weekly, or four-week periods. The billing period begins at 8am when the equipment has arrived at your delivery location and ends at 5pm the day you return the equipment to UPS and the package is scanned. Premier Safety does not charge rental equipment on weekends, national holidays, or during transit.

  • Are your rentals ready to use upon delivery?
    • Yes, we handle all service and maintenance on our rentals so they are all set for you to get started at your location!

  • Does Premier Safety have an equipment catalog?
    • Please check out our digital catalogs online here.

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