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Respiratory Protective Equipment Respiratory Protective Equipment

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Respiratory equipment for adequate workplace protection by Premier Safety!

Respiratory equipment is a vital part of the personal protective equipment list and can safeguard your workers from several potential workplace hazards. Respiratory protective equipment is primarily used to monitor exposure to harmful substances such as asbestos, silica, diesel exhaust emission, and similar hazards. Failing to provide proper safety equipment can result in your workers getting obstructive pulmonary disease, occupational asthma, pneumoconiosis, cancers, and several other life-threatening diseases.

To ensure your workers are protected at all times, Premier Safety offers an extensive selection of respiratory protective equipment, including respirators, helmets, tubes, filters, masks, and more. Our quality full-face respirators and P100 respirators, among other products, are subjected to strict quality checks to maintain excellent quality standards.

Premium respiratory protection equipment that keeps you safe!

Respiratory protection equipment has two primary categories:


Respirators are used to remove contaminants in the workplace air using filters. Respirators can be further divided into two categories- powered and non-powered. Powered respirators use a motor to supply clean air through a filtration system, whereas non-powered respirators provide filtration with each breath.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

The self-contained breathing apparatus is more commonly used in oxygen-deficient areas wherein the workers are required to pull oxygen through a cylinder or air compressor. It also comes to the aid of your workers when there is a risk of high exposure to harmful gases.

Industries with respiratory protective equipment are absolutely essential

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare professionals are regularly exposed to several types of respiratory hazards, including various infections, anesthetic gases, chemicals, and more. To safeguard them and their patients, it is imperative to use quality respirators, for instance, full-face respirators or P100 respirators.

Defense and public service

Respiratory protection is a must for all three domains of the defense sector- air, land, and sea. Defense personnel from all sectors are exposed to various hazards such as chemical warfare, toxic chemicals, biological and radiological hazards.

Gas and Oil

Gas and oil operations risk exposure to hydrogen sulfide and formaldehyde, which is why it is essential to keep the workers protected at all times. There are several other potential hazards that will be inhibited when your workers are adequately equipped with quality full-face respirators.


Professionals working in the mining business are at risk of exposure to methane and hydrogen sulfide. To ensure the workers are protected, employers must install gas monitors and provide respiratory protective equipment.


The research and development departments of automobile manufacturers consist of engine testing chambers that emit sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide. Both of these gases can be life-threatening, so it is vital to keep their exposure to a minimum.

The role of ISEA

International Safety Equipment Association is an independent not-for-profit organization that has published standards to ensure workers are protected against potential workplace hazards. They help employers from various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, laboratories, automobile, and more to mitigate such hazards and provide the protection their workers deserve.

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We have flexible renting options available for several product categories to help our customers save money on products they need for a temporary job. Our rent, return, and repeat policy could be an ideal option.

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We stock the best brands in the world to ensure our customers get nothing but the best. The safety of your workers is our priority and offer quality products from numerous manufacturers to choose from.

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We have everything you can need to keep your workers and employees protected. From full-face respirator helmets to P100 respirators, we have an extensive product portfolio.

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