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3M™ 8210 Particulate Respirator, Universal, N95 Filter, 0.95 Filter Efficiency, 20/Box

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The 3M™ 8210 Particulate Respirator offers superior protection with an N95 filter efficiency of at least 95% against non-oil based particles. Its lightweight construction and advanced electrostatic media enhance comfort and ease of breathing during extended wear. Featuring a dual-strap design and an adjustable nose clip, it ensures a secure fit across various face sizes. NIOSH approved this respirator, ideal for multiple industrial applications, ensuring reliable worker respiratory protection. Choose Premier Safety for your supply, where quality meets unparalleled service.

The right protective gear is non-negotiable regarding personal safety in environments where particulate exposure is a concern. The 3M™ 8210 Particulate Respirator emerges as a premier choice, blending high filtration efficiency with comfort and reliability. Premier Safety is proud to offer this essential protective equipment, ensuring your safety is never compromised.

What Are 3M N95 Masks?

3M N95 masks are the gold standard in respiratory protection. They are designed to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles and are critical shields against dust, pollen, and other non-oil-based particles. The 3M™ 8210, in particular, stands out for its superior design and filtration capabilities.

Why Is 3M 8210 Great?

The 3M 8210 N95 mask is not just any respirator. NIOSH approved, highlighting its efficacy in creating a secure seal around the face while providing exceptional filtration efficiency. Its lightweight construction and advanced electrostatic media enhance breathability, making prolonged wear comfortable without compromising safety.

How to Choose the Right 3M 8210 N95 Mask

Choosing the right N95 mask involves considering fit, comfort, and the hazards you face. The 3M 8210 respirator is universally sized and equipped with a dual-strap design and adjustable nose clip, ensuring a snug fit across different face shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Premier Safety for 3M N95

At Premier Safety, we understand the importance of reliable protective equipment. We offer the 3M N95 respirator as part of our commitment to your safety, backed by expertise in selecting the best products for your needs. Trust us to provide you with gear that meets the highest protection and quality standards.

How to Care for Your 3M N95 Mask

To maintain the efficacy of your N95 8210 mask, it's crucial to store it properly when not in use. Keep it in a clean, dry place away from contaminated surfaces. Although designed for single use, understanding the proper care extends its utility, ensuring you're always prepared.

Buy Your 3M N95 Mask at Premier Safety

Choose Premier Safety for your 3M 8210 N95 mask purchase. With us, you're not just buying a mask but investing in peace of mind. Our selection process ensures that every mask we sell meets stringent safety standards, providing you with the best protection.


Is the 3M N95 Mask approved for medical use, or is it strictly for industrial applications?

The 3M™ 8210 is primarily designed for industrial applications, protecting against non-oil-based particles. Its use in medical settings should be evaluated based on specific regulatory approvals.

Can the 3M™ 8210 be used multiple times, or is it disposable after one use?

The 3M N95 respirator is designed for single use to ensure optimal hygiene and safety standards.

How does the adjustable nose clip enhance the fit and protection of the 3M™ 8210 respirator?

The adjustable nose clip provides a custom fit, minimizing gaps and increasing the seal's effectiveness, enhancing overall protection.

Can the 3M N95 Particulate Respirator be used in environments with oil-based particles, or is it limited to non-oil based environments?

The 8210 respirator is optimized for non-oil based environments, providing at least 95% filtration efficiency against such particles.

What are the recommended storage conditions for the 3M N95 Mask to maintain its efficacy within its shelf life?

Store the N95 8210 in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and contaminants to maintain its efficacy.

  • NIOSH approved for at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles
  • 2 strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal
  • Cushioning nose foam
  • Lightweight construction promotes greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time
  • Advanced electrostatic media is designed for ease of breathing
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Short Description - N95 PARTICULATE RSPRTR 20/BX 8BX/CS
  • Alternate Part Number - 46457, 70070614394
  • Standard Packaging Information - BX
  • Item Name - Particulate Respirator
  • Size - Universal
  • Filter Class - N95
  • Filter Efficiency - 0.95
  • Overall Height - 7
  • Overall Width - 7
  • Overall Depth - 10
  • Marketing Description - This classic disposable N95 particulate respirator is designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non oil-based particles. 3M™ particulate respirator 8210, N95 is a disposable particulate respirator that is designed to help provide reliable respiratory protection of at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non oil-based particles. This respirator is designed for use for particles such as those from grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, bagging, or other dusty operations. This respirator can also help reduce inhalation exposures to certain airborne biological particles (examples: mold, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis), but cannot eliminate the risk of contracting infection, illness, or disease. The respirator incorporates 3M™ proprietary technology with advanced electrostatically charged microfiber filter media designed for ease of breathing. This respirator is compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and hearing protection. This particulate respirator is NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved for environments containing certain non oil-based particles and provides at least 95% filter efficiency. Breathing hazardous particles can pose a risk to your health. NIOSH, a Federal government regulatory agency, has tested and approved the 3M™ particulate respirator 8210, which is designed to help reduce exposure to certain airborne particles.
  • Color - White
  • Headstrap Type - Dual/Non-Adjustable

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    3M N95 Respirator

    Posted by Nyal Walker on Feb 16th 2022

    The order arrived earlier than expected and I was happy about that. The 3M respirator fits comfortably on the face.

  • 2

    Posted by C Grimes on Feb 16th 2022

    Sorry to say. Even after stretching the straps, the mask is too tight, uncomfortable, irritates and leaves an imprint on my face and compromised my breathing to a point of dizziness. Definately waisted my money.