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Flammable Safety Cabinets

Tool Storage

Tools are stored in tool storage products so that they are ready for use and don't get lost or misplaced while being used. Tool bags, backpacks, and totes have pockets for tools. Tools are protected by the hard sides of portable toolboxes. Besides tool belts, aprons, suspenders, and vests, workers can wear their tools. The sheath, holster, and pouch add storage to belts and straps. Modules can be stacked by interlocking them. Customize your storage solution by combining tool cabinets and chests. Organize and secure tools with workstation boxes. Moving tools and supplies is made easy by utility carts. The tool organizer also helps organize tools within large containers, such as workbenches. Many types of accessory storage are available for tool cabinets, chests, boxes, and bags, including add-ons and replacement parts. Tool hangers and brackets can be used to mount frequently used tools.