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Premier Safety Podcast

Welcome to the Premier Safety Podcast! Please check back often as our host Jeff Freeman will be interviewing many industry experts on safety in the industry and what the best practices are to help save lives and prevent injuries on the job site.

The Premier Safety Podcast EP03 - The Evolution of Connected Work Safety Program

This is Episode 3 "The Evolution of the Connected Work Safety Program" with special guest Rob Senko of MSA Safety. On this episode we discuss the Evolution of the Connected Work Safety Program and talk about this new connectivity and how it greatly benefits worker safety.

The Premier Safety Podcast EP02 - The Evolution of Gas Detection

This is Episode 2 "The Evolution of Gas Detection" with special guest Jason Wright of Industrial Scientific Corporation. On this episode we discuss the evolution of gas detection and how it has changed over the many years. From the early mining days of using two canaries in a cage to today's monitors that do a lot more then just gas detection.

The Premier Safety Podcast EP01 - The Evolution of Dropped Objects Prevention

This is Episode 1 "The Evolution of Dropped Objects Prevention" with special guest Nate Bohmbach of Ergodyne. In this episode we discuss the growing need over the years for a new ANSI Standard to help prevent injuries from dropped objects. Nate also shows a few products they have developed for this important safety standard.