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Gas Monitors

Gas Monitors

Multi Gas Monitors and Detectors for sale

Premier Safety offers a wide range of gas monitors for sale that are guaranteed to keep you safe, including products from top brands in the world. The products offered at Premier Safety ensure a safer environment, wherever that might be. Gas monitoring devices detect and warn against toxic gas concentrations, oxygen depletion, as well as flammable gases. Whereas many common detectors and monitors are single-gas and can only detect one hazardous gas, multi-gas monitors are capable of simultaneous detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, along with other combustible gases that can lead to disaster. Below is everything you need to know before buying portable gas monitors or multi-gas monitors from Premier Safety’s extensive collection. 

How do gas monitors work?

Gas monitoring equipment is inlaid with a combination of sensors and electronics in which the gas concentration of the space is converted to a signal by the sensors and analyzed by the microprocessor in the device. The reading on the gas composition is outputted to the device screen which can be read by the handler at any time, and if the reading is higher than the programmed values in the device, the alarms will be triggered to signal danger to the user. Most common monitors are 4 gas monitors, which is defined more below.

What does a four gas monitor detect? 

A 4 gas monitor is exactly as it sounds as it can detect four different gases and display them simultaneously. Typically, these monitors detect Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Methane (CH4), and other explosive gases. These gases can largely be undetectable except for a slight initial smell, however the presence of these very gases can corrupt the sense of smell and therefore are unreliable as a primary detection agent. Single gas monitors, on the other hand, can only detect a specific gas and will not warn of other toxic gases outside the singular gas it is programmed to recognize. Four gas monitors are comprehensive and make for a safer, more secure work environment. 

How much does a gas monitor cost? 

Gas detection monitors on average can cost around one-thousand dollars, and although a steep cost, the price of a safe work environment is worth it. While single-gas detectors such as H2S monitors are in the two-hundred and four-hundred dollar range, multi-gas monitors are more comprehensive and therefore elicit a higher price. Premier Safety offers an array of multi-gas and single-gas monitors and detectors for different prices in which we can be sure to provide an affordable monitor. If the cost of our gas monitors for sale are a little alarming, take a look at the rental options that we at Premier Safety offer to maintain a safe environment.

What is the difference between gas monitors and gas detectors? 

Gas detectors are largely a building system and are not portable while gas monitors, on the other hand, are often wireless, portable and are beneficial for confined spaces in which there may be small pockets of gas. Portable gas monitors can be obtained for personal, on-the-go use, whereas detectors are usually tied to a large system and can only be used in that single building or space. As well as gas detectors being chained to a single alarm system, they generally are not as durable and long-standing as monitors because monitors are made to withstand gritty environments such as tight spaces, dust, and grime. Gas monitors are very valuable due to their hands-free nature -- many can be simply clipped to a belt or bag and hauled along, and are generally very light and are wireless which is important for mobility of workers. In short, gas monitors are lightweight, portable, and convenient for personal use and for confined spaces, and gas detectors are often hooked to a larger alarm system in commercial buildings that are meant to warn a larger population of the presence of dangerous gases. 

Why Premier Safety?

Maintaining a safe and benign work environment is important to employees as well as employers, and one big step in ensuring that environment is through cultivating a nontoxic space which can be accomplished with the addition of a gas monitor or detector. It is important to be informed on such devices before purchasing them, but now, knowledgeable on them both, there is nothing to stop you from purchasing one now. Put safety first. Premier Safety presents a multitude of gas monitors for sale and has the added bonus of same day shipping on some orders and rental opportunities for top brands in the world. Contact us today to enjoy our top-tier services and products.