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Spill Containment Berms & Pools

Spill Containment Berms & Pools

To ensure the prevention of spills of oil or other hazardous liquids caused by leaks, drips, runoffs, and spillage, containment berms are built to contain such spillages. In many industries that deal with hazardous materials, spill containment berms are used to contain spills. This includes fuel tanker trucks, IBCs, and frac tanks. By using these devices, soil and water can be protected from the contamination that may be caused by hazardous liquids. Utilizing spill containment and spill control measures can be an effective method of effectively containing spills.

The primary purpose of berms is to serve two main functions:

  1. Spill containment: preventing spills from spreading to other parts of the environment as part of a spill response plan.
  2. Secondary containment: This is a type of device or structure that is capable of containing the entire contents of a primary container in the event of the primary container failing for any reason.

A berm is used to prevent spills from occurring, prepare for spills to happen, and deal with spills as they occur at any time. To keep polluting materials from entering stormwater systems, such as oil spills, they serve the primary purpose of preventing them from entering.

There are many different types of spill containment berms with a variety of uses. Choosing the right berm for your business can be challenging. Please contact Premier Safety if you need advice or have questions about secondary spill containment. Regardless of what spill prevention or clean-up solution you need, we can supply you with it.