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Emergency Escape Hoods

All You Need To Know About Escape Hoods & Respirators

Today, millions of people are exposed to harmful chemicals as part of their job. Prolonged and continuous exposure can result in severe illnesses and even cause death in some. Escape hoods and respirators of premium quality can provide much-needed protection. This equipment can limit the exposure to contaminated air containing fumes, mists, gases, and smoke and can protect your workers from acquiring various types of diseases by providing ambient air.

As an employer, you are obligated to provide a certain level of safety to your workers working in harmful environments. Therefore, getting escape hoods and respirators for your company is a must. 

What Are Escape Hoods Respirators?

Escape hoods and respirators are protective equipment used to filter the harmful contaminated air and prevent the user from inhaling toxic gases and chemicals in emergency situations, certain workplace conditions, or any hazardous atmosphere. Selecting the highest quality air filtering equipment is essential to protect your workers from potential disasters. 

The equipment consists of two main components: the hood and the respirator. The hood is a mask that is easy to put on with a filtering device known as a respirator attached to it. The hood protects the face from harmful gases while the respirator filters out the air the user breathes in.

Escape hoods and respirators are essential in the mining and chemical industries since the risk is higher. However, the device is not designed for daily and extended use. It should only be used to escape hazardous emergency situations. 

An escape hood and respirator provide protection for emergencies. Therefore, they are only effective for about an hour since the user is expected to leave the hazardous location by then. It is used to protect the user from gases like methane, butane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, and many others.  

What Are The Uses Of An Emergency Escape Hood And Respirator?

Workers in the chemical, mining, construction and other similar industries are constantly threatened by dangerous gases, such as methane, butane, benzene, etc. These jobs are extremely dangerous and can result in a disastrous fire in no time. In such cases, emergencyescape respirators can be used to protect the workers from inhaling toxic gases and substances. 

In simple words, these emergency escape breathing devices are to be used when you and your co-workers are trying to evacuate a building, and you need to pass through a dangerous area to get to the exit. The device can make sure you reach outside without inhaling a single harmful gas. 

How Do These Equipment Protect The User?

Personal protective equipment can be worn when the worker is trying to escape a harmful environment safely. The design of this particular air purifying and breathing device is quite simple and easy to understand. 

The hood is supposed to be worn to cover your face and comes with a nose clip, nose cup and tight neck seal to ensure no gases come through. The equipment is designed to be worn by people with bears and eyeglasses. The user can comfortably wear it without worrying about the hood not fitting. 

However, one drawback of the self contained escape respirators is that it does not protect the skin on your arms, legs, or other body parts except for the face during evacuation. Since respiratory protection is designed to be worn in the case of an emergency escape, it is designed to be worn as quickly as possible. Therefore, it only contains an easy-to-put-on mask, which barely takes a minute. 

Most harmful gases and toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, pose a threat to your lungs during inhalation and emergency respirators are the best way to escape them. If you wish to cover your legs or arms, we suggest you wear clothes that cover your entire body or carry them in your bag when you go to work. 

How to Choose the Best Emergency Escape Hoods and Respirators

Choosing the correct emergency escape hoods and respirators is a critical decision that takes into account a number of elements. When it comes to buying respiratory protection equipment, there are six things to keep in mind:

The Level of the Respiratory hazard

This is the most important factor to consider. You must know the form of the contaminant and how toxic it is. Your duration of the exposure and your individual sensitivity to the contaminant.

The Type of Material the Equipment Is Made Of

Currently, a wide range of materials is used to make these equipment. As a result, the type of chemical contaminant to which you are exposed, as well as the chemical resistance of the respirator's material, should play a role in your decision.

Care, Storage, and Maintenance

It's important to know how to take care of your respirator and how to preserve it. You should, for example, know how to clean and inspect your respirator after each usage. As a result, you should always read the manufacturer's instructions and manuals before purchasing a respirator to be sure you know exactly what you need to do.

Proper Use, Fit Testing, and Wearing

Make sure you understand how to properly put on and utilize a respirator. Ask your employer or a safety expert for help if you need it. Fit test your respirator as well to confirm that it is airtight and that your face and the respirator are not in contact.

 Why Premier Safety For Your Company 

Premier Safety has been understanding and recognizing people's safety needs and providing their customers with the highest quality of emergency escape hoods and respirators to tackle the issues they face every day. We have a wide variety of safety products, ranging from first aid kits to emergency respiratory protection. 

Premier Safety air-purifying escape respirators offer the utmost protection from respiratory hazards by filtering out the smoke and vapors and allowing you to inhale clean air. They provide the perfect device to escape a dangerous area until you reach a safe site. 

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