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Caps & Hats

Caps and Hats

Bump caps are designed to protect workers from minor impacts, such as those experienced by exterminators, contractors, baggage handlers, warehouse workers, and those working in crawl spaces. When walking or bumping into objects that do not require a hard hat, workers are protected from bumps, scrapes, and cuts. As a result of their low profile, bump caps are more convenient to use in confined spaces than hard hats. Bump caps do not have an ANSI rating.

Baseball Style Bump Caps

In situations where workers may bump into stationary objects, such as beams and pipes, bump caps are used. Cotton and nylon are used to make this type of cap, which is similar to a traditional baseball cap. They are often worn by contractors and exterminators, as well as by miners and manufacturing workers who do not work in the food industry. Bump caps are not ANSI-rated hard hats and should not be used in applications requiring ANSI-rated hard hats.

Traditional Style Bump Caps

These bump caps protect workers from light bumps caused by bumping into stationary objects. Typically, they are worn by workers who work in confined spaces, crawl spaces, or near overhead piping. Unlike traditional hard hats, this type of hard hat is made of plastic, making it suitable for use in the food manufacturing industry. Bump caps are not ANSI-rated, making them ineligible for applications requiring ANSI-rated hard hats.