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Face Shields

Face Shields

Premier Safety has a wide range of face shields for sale to ensure workers are protected in industrial environments. Many of these PPE face shields feature crown and chin protectors on the front to protect the crown, chin, and throat area of the head from being damaged by impact and liquid splashes. These are ideal for workers in factories, processing plants and other facilities where they may be exposed to hazards. With proper face shield headgear as part of their protective gear, their faces and throats can be protected from flying debris, sparks and hazardous liquids.

Benefits of Protective Face Shields

These safety face shields are made from durable materials that are engineered to deflect debris and hazardous substances without cracking or shattering. The primary benefit they offer is keeping workers safe while on the job. However, they also offer numerous other advantages over other types of PPE.

For example, the fact that plastic face shields are completely clear means workers won’t have to worry about their field of vision being obscured in any way, unlike with goggles or masks. However, shields on their own may not be considered adequate eye protection in some applications, and may need to be worn in conjunction with safety glasses. Adding a face shield in these situations provides another layer of protection from dangers on the job.

Another benefit these shields provide is the fact that they sit comfortably and securely on the wearer’s face. This means there’s little risk of workers becoming distracted by constantly having to shift their gear around to find a comfortable position while they work.

Choosing the Proper Equipment

Premier Safety provides a large assortment of face shields as well as related accessories to give your employees what they need to be safe at work. It’s important to understand your jobsite and the conditions within before selecting any PPE for your workforce. For example, tinted plastic visors may be useful in outdoor applications where there might be excessive sunlight. Hard hats provide extra protection from falling objects. Neck shades and climate shields also can be helpful accessories for keeping workers safe from excessive UV exposure while working outdoors.

If you want to learn more about our full inventory of this equipment, take a look through our product listings on this page or reach out to us today to speak with one of our representatives.