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Hard Hats

Hard Hats

Premier Safety is your complete source for a wide assortment of personal protective equipment (PPE), including hard hats. Whether you're a construction worker, factory technician, or a handy person in need of adequate protection while at work, it is important to wear the appropriate safety gear. Among the other essential pieces of safety equipment that you should have is face or head protection gear. This can include safety hard hats, helmets, hats with visors or face shields, and earmuffs. Not only can face and head protection equipment save you during an emergency, but they also look quite appealing and make you have a sense of belonging at your workplace. Our inventory and expertise make us the best place to buy hard hats and other equipment.

What is the Best Hard Hat Protection

At Premier Safety, we have a wide range of protective hard hats and other safety gear. Our product line includes helmets, hard hats, construction caps, dust masks, and earmuffs. Below are a few examples.

  1. 3M Versaflo Respiratory Helmet Assembly with Premium Visor and Flame Resistant Shroud - M-307

This is a perfect headgear for the industrial, chemical, and oil industries. It is flame-resistant, for maximum protection against fire hazards. The visor offers optimum peripheral vision, while the mask provides maximum particle and mist filtration.

This is an excellent hard hat perfect for any construction-related job and comes with a Uvicator Sensor, Full Brim, Vented, to dissipate heat and moisture. The chinstrap is easily adjustable to provide a snug fit.

  1. Fibre-Metal 4178CLBP Wide Vision Faceshield Window 

This is a hard hat face shield with a universal mounting system that fits most Fibre-Metal construction helmets. It provides eye and respiratory protection from welding fumes. It has a polycarbonate construction shield with scratch-resistant coating and a built-in 4x magnification anti-fog lens for improved eye protection.

Whenever you are looking for a reliable PPE supplier, Premier Safety has got you covered. We sell/rent high-quality, tested products that ensure you are totally safe, regardless of the work you are engaged in. Request a personalized quote, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The Benefits of Head Protection at the Workplace

  1. Preventing head and neck injuries

Head protection gear like a hard hat comes in the form of hard plastic material, anti scratch, a tough metal, or thick leather with a face shield. It helps to encase the head and protect your skull even from falling objects, such as rocks and hammers.

The protection gear also has thick leather crossing from one ear to the other and down your chin. This helps absorb shock even in the case of a shortfall, making your headgear more comfortable, which reduces the chances of a head injury.

  1. Enhancing safety when handling hazardous chemicals, fumes, and liquids

Many construction workers get exposed to flying debris, chemical fumes, dust, and liquid that can cause severe health hazards. Wearing a mask or respirator with face protection helps you handle hazardous substances safely without exposing your respiratory system to them.

  1. Ensuring maximum protection against extreme weather conditions

Construction workers must stay outdoors regardless of the weather. Wearing a hard hat becomes a necessity when working in extreme cold or heat. Winter hats, for example, provide warmth at low temperatures. 

On the other hand, summer caps come with visors that prevent you from getting sunburned on sunny days. This is beneficial in preventing an uneven tan.

Most hard hats also have unique vents that ensure cooling airflow over the wearer's scalp. These caps are perfect for joggers who want to prevent overheating.

  1. Preventing hearing damage

Construction workers often have to use power tools and other noisy equipment. It can be hazardous to use them without ear protection because the noise levels are extremely high and could trigger hearing loss or tinnitus.

When Should Head Protection Be Worn?

It is important to have the appropriate head protection whenever engaged in the following types of tasks: 

  1. Construction work

Construction workers need a hard hat as a precautionary measure to prevent head injuries. Ensure you put on earmuffs and a face mask as well for maximum safety. Additionally, wear helmets made for cold climates when working in cold environments since they come with insulated earmuffs that prevent frostbite. 

  1. Manufacturing work

A cap with an integrated face mask is preferable when you're working in a factory. This is especially critical if you are exposed to chemicals, solvents, or other particles that can irritate your eyes or respiratory system. You should also wear earmuffs for protection against loud noise.

  1. Sports and recreational activities

Wear a helmet when cycling, skateboarding, or inline skating. Other activities such as bicycling and jogging also require head or face protection to prevent injury from falling objects, accidents, and sunburn.

  1. When working under the sun

Construction workers, landscapers, and others who work under the sun for long periods should wear wide-brimmed hats with neck protection to prevent heatstroke. Hard hats come with cooling vents that allow airflow between the shell and your scalp. 

  1. When working with power tools

Powered equipment such as saws, drills, and lawnmowers are extremely loud. You should wear earplugs or other sound protection devices that can reinforce your head or face protection. Wearing a hard hat visor is vital to protect and enhance your vision, regardless of the amount of light emitted by the machines.