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Gas Monitors

Gas Monitor Rental

Gas detectors are an essential part of the safety systems used to protect workstations and workers. They protect against the risk of explosion, fires, gas poisoning, and other illnesses associated with regular contact with toxic, flammable, and asphyxiant gases.

Gas monitors work by triggering alarms if the concentration of gas in the air exceeds a particular threshold. The early warning system helps firms rectify the problem and protect valuable equipment from damage while ensuring worker safety and health. There are several ways of procuring gas detectors, but portable gas detector rental is the best option because you get devices in good condition and offer the latest detection technology. 

Rent Gas Detectors from Premier Safety

Premier safety offers gas monitor rental that guarantees 100% performance and often exceeds manufacturers' expectations. We have the latest models of monitoring equipment, so you will have confidence that the detector you are using will make accurate measurements.

Gas monitor rental is more convenient than buying and maintaining your own detection equipment. For one, purchasing detection equipment that will be used for temporary inspections is not the best use of resources. What's more, multi-gas detector rental gives you access to an extensive product that can handle any application. The rental equipment is also available at very competitive prices.

How Our 4 Gas Monitor Rental Process Works

Rent Safety Equipment

Start by selecting the safety equipment you need for your workplace or plant from a wide range of modern equipment. Our catalog includes fall protection rentals, confined space equipment rentals, among others. All our equipment and monitoring products go through rigorous tests to ensure that they provide accurate readings.

Returning the Equipment

The return process is straightforward as all you need to do is send it via UPS or drop it off at the nearest Premier safety rental location. We do not charge upkeep expenses because we want our customers to have a low-cost rental experience. 

Safety Equipment Rental Options

Our renting options are flexible enough to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. We have two categories of rental time frames:

Daily Basis: we offer up to 4 days to customers who want to rent equipment on a per-day basis

Weekly Basis: customers who need the monitoring equipment for a longer period can choose the weekly rental option. This allows you to keep the monitoring equipment for up to 4 weeks. 

Why Rent Safety Equipment from Us?

•    If you own safety equipment, you will need to cover the cost of calibration, recertification, and maintenance. However, renting detection monitors saves all these costs. We don't charge maintenance fees and take responsibility for calibration and annual recertifications.
•    Our wide range of options includes confined space equipment rentals, gas sniffer rental, h2s gas monitor rental, and safety harness devices, all of which you can get without additional expenses. 
•    Renting safety equipment is more cost-effective than buying equipment that you only use sparingly.
•    We have a very competitive pricing model and offer flexible and affordable pricing to our customers. All you need is send us a quotation, and we will respond with a confirmation
•    All our safety equipment undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it satisfies all product specifications. The equipment is in good condition and ready to use immediately.
•    Returning the equipment is easy with UPS as all you need to do is put a shipping label and packaging tape on the equipment and put it in the box. We also offer the option of dropping at premier safety stores spread across North America. 
•    We have an extensive delivery network across North America with several stores for picking and dropping rental safety equipment.
•    We do not charge extra for national holidays, weekends, or when the products are in transit.
•    We offer technical support for all our rental products. You can call, chat online, or email the technical team at any time. 
•    We offer same-day delivery for all the rental safety equipment. 

Make Premier Safety Your Trusted Safety Equipment Supplier

Premier Safety is the leading safety equipment rental firm in North America and Canada. The rental process for safety equipment is hassle-free and cost-effective. Most customers who rent from us for the first time always come back. We value our customers very highly and do not burden them with upkeep expenses like other safety equipment rental companies. Contact us to speak to our technical support about the H2S monitor rental or other type of rental safety equipment you need for your facilities.