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QUESTemp° 46 w/ (1) sensor bar containing calculated waterless wet bulb, dry bulb, globe temperature & humidity (%RH) sensors

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Offers high quality heat stress monitoring without the hassle of wet-bulb maintenance. Measures and calculates the dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperatures along with WBGT indoors, WBGT outdoors, relative humidity and heat index/humidex. A real-time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping. On board datalogging along with DMS software allows for advanced analysis of data with charting, graphing and reporting options. QUESTemp° 46 includes the ability to measure stay times in order to manage work/rest regimens. Guidance is based on the screening criteria for heat stress as defined in the ACHIH TLV Handbook, US Navy PHEL charts, U.S. Marine Flag system and EPRI Action Limits. Intrinsic Safety UL®/CSA standards for Class I groups A, B, C & D, Class II groups E,F, & G, Class III temperature code T3 & ATEX.
  • Short Description - QUESTemp° 44 and 46 Heat Stress Monitors with Datalogging
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