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K1 Series Original Mid-Sole Ice Cleat Low-Profile Black Strap

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The K1 Series Mid-Sole ice cleat is the one-size-fits-all winter traction solution. The ice-penetrating tungsten carbide spikes maximize grip while the rotatable design provides seamless transition when traction is not required.
  • Available in Original, Low-Profile, and High-Profile styles to provide near-universal coverage of all footwear
  • Strategically placed ice-penetrating tungsten carbide spikes provide maximum traction on ice and snow
  • Easy to use design rotates to top of foot to allow driving, climbing, and indoor use
  • Black or hi-viz adjustable strap delivers a perfect fit regardless of shoe size
  • Specially formulated rubber pad provides maximum comfort and durability even in extreme cold weather conditions
  • Original Profile – The K1 Series original mid-sole ice cleat is the one-size-fits-all winter traction solution ideal for a defined heel work boot. The practical and easy-to-use design drives compliance in the workplace and reduces the chance of slip and fall injuries on ice and snow.
  • Traction – The cleats are made with durable ice-penetrating tungsten carbide spikes which are proven to maximize traction and reduce the chance of slips and falls in icy or snowy conditions.
  • Design – The K1 Ice Cleats are made with a specially formulated rubber pad for maximum durability and features 5 strategically placed “military-grade” tungsten carbide spikes.
  • Ease Of Use – The Mid-Sole cleats are different from traditional cleats as they can be rotated to the top of the boot, eliminating user hassle of removing them on work sites that require frequent indoor/outdoor transition, driving, or climbing.
  • Universal Fit – The flexible design, available with either a black or hi-viz strap, adjusts to a near-custom fit and keeps each member of the team safe, regardless of shoe size.
  • Material - Polymer Blend
  • Color - Black
  • Cali Prop65 - N/A
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