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DSX standalone, 3 port unit

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One docking station with three options of data storage and features. Effortlessly manage your fleet, data, and software updates from any web-enabled device. Available as a standalone unit (DSX), cloud-connected (DSXi) or local server connected (DSX-L). DXSi can monitor and order replacement gas cylinders when you need them. All units include North American power cord. Standalone Features:
  • Optional automatic bump or calibrate upon dock
  • Standalone operation - no pc or network connection required
  • Direct USB data storage
  • Automatic printing of bump and calibration certificates (with direct connect printer)
  • Convert to cloud-connected mode
  • Alert users of expired gas
Cloud-Connected Features:
  • Simple setup
  • Auto bump or calibrate according to defined schedule
  • Instrument settings management
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Automatic instrument software upgrades
  • Automatic cal gas replenishment program (optional)*
  • Custom data reporting
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Calibration gas monitoring
Local Server Features:
  • Server-based data storage
  • Auto bump or calibrate according to defined schedule
  • Instrument settings management
  • Custom data reporting
  • Calibration gas status indicators
  • Easy bump testing and calibration of instruments upon docking
  • Bump test and calibration schedules can be tracked and set to be performed automatically, ensuring that instruments are ready for use prior to the start of a shift
  • As technology evolves so will your monitor thanks to free, automated software and firmware updates upon docking
  • Company and application specific instrument settings are easily controlled and deployed upon docking
  • Email alerts and notifications provide information on worker exposure and instrument usage, as well as instrument service needs
  • Configure reports to provide the data you want, when you want it
  • On-demand printing of bump and calibration certificates provides hardcopy printouts for hot work and confined space entry
  • Auto-detection of calibration gas-type and expiration date upon cylinder connection
  • Calibration gas status indicators provide warning to order replacement gas before a cylinder is empty
  • Short Description - VENTIS DSX, 3 PORT STAND ALONE
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Item Name - Docking Station
  • Type - 3-Port, DSX Standalone
  • Length - 10-3/4
  • Includes - US/North American Power Cord, (2) iGas Readers and Cables, Manual, Charger, Wired Ethernet, 1 GB Memory USB
  • Suitable For Use With - Ventis® MX4 Gas Monitors
  • Height - 9.83
  • Width - 6.65
  • Temperature Rating - 0 to 50
  • Test Time - 90 s (Calibration For Each Cal Gas)
  • Marketing Description - The DSX™ docking station is an automated gas detector maintenance, record storage and fleet management solution that flexes with the needs of your business. Choose from DSX-L Local Server, DSXi cloud connected or DSX standalone-based on your data access requirements. All DSX™ docking stations offer automatic charging, bump testing and calibration.
  • Power Source - 100 to 240 VAC/12 VDC
3832, 3831, 3833