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FR Clothing

Wearing FR clothing is necessary

A flame-resistant garment is one that is specifically designed and manufactured to provide protection against intermittent contact with flames. In spite of the fact that they are designed to prevent fires from spreading easily, if a fire should occur, they will self-extinguish before spreading. As this material is able to extinguish fires naturally, it reduces the risk of eye injuries caused by burns. As a result of its ability to put out fires naturally, the wearer can escape from unstable environments. To avoid severe injury and to ensure your safety, it is imperative that you wear clothing that is fire-resistant.

Those who work in environments where there are dangers associated with fire, heat, or electrical mishaps should certainly wear flameproof clothing. To protect workers from flame hazards, flameproof clothing should be worn according to three broad categories, depending on the degree of danger they might face. 

  • Electric arc: Employees who work in the electrical and utility industries may be exposed to this type of risk, among others.
  • Flash fire: These accidents typically occur during the manufacture or processing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or refinery workers.
  • Combustible dust: Workers in industries such as paper mills and food producers may be exposed to combustible dust. 

Fire-resistant clothing does not guarantee that it will not catch fire, but rather that it will provide resistance to fire. They are unlikely to ignite spontaneously and will serve their intended purpose in most cases, unless extreme circumstances exist. The main advantage of flame-resistant clothing, however, is that it prevents a fire from spreading to other parts of the body. In the event that a piece of clothing catches fire, it usually extinguishes itself as quickly as possible.

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