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Equipment & Tool

Equipment & Tool


Fall protection carabiners comply with OSHA standards when used as part of a fall protection system. The lanyard/self-retracting lifeline (SRL) is connected to an anchor or a harness by these connectors. 5000 lbs is the minimum tensile strength of these carabiners. There is also a locking mechanism to prevent the carabiner from opening by itself.

Coiled Tool Tethers

To help prevent snags and tangle hazards, these tool tethers have a tightly coiled loop. Additionally, the coil absorbs shock when tools are dropped. When a tool is dropped, the tether extends, then retracts.

Coiled Tethers for Hard Hats

To help prevent snags and tangles, these hard hat tethers have a tightly coiled loop. Coils help absorb shock when hard hats fall. After the hard hat falls, the coil retracts to its original position.

Wrist Lanyard

Anchor points are worn on the wrist. Their anchor points allow tethers to be attached to hand tools via the anchor points. Tools are kept close to the hand with wristband anchor points.