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Harnesses & Lanyards

Harnesses & Lanyards


A safety harness reduces the risk of injury for workers at height. During a fall, the harness distributes force evenly across the wearer's body. Safety harnesses secure around shoulders, torsos, and upper thighs. The upper back (dorsal) has a single D-ring or web loop for attaching a self-retracting lifeline or shock-absorbing lanyard to a secure anchor point. During and after a fall, the D-ring holds the wearer upright and reduces strain on the body. In some safety harnesses, D-rings are placed on the shoulders, hips, or chest. These can be used to position workers, climb ladders, or lift workers into confined spaces.


Lifelines which self-retract, and shock-absorbing lanyards attach workers' safety belts to anchor points in nearby buildings. A SRL extends and retracts as workers move, preventing falls. In case of a fall, the SRL stops suddenly and absorbs the energy. A shock-absorbing lanyard cushions the fall. Workers are arrested and free-falling forces are dissipated when workers are arrested.