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Current State Assesment

Premier Safety is Your Partner in Evaluating Your Safety, Jan/San and Facility Needs

to provide you and your employees with the best products and services from the best suppliers, all with efficiency and cost savings in mind.

How It Works

  • On-site safety and select MRO facility assessment

  • Understand your Goals and Objectives for any Safety and select MRO program

  • Offer Solutions to meet and exceed your Goals and Objectives

  • Work with your company to create a solution to match the your culture and environment

  • Clearly highlight cost savings opportunities

  • A clear Scope of Work of what you can expect from Premier Safety during implementation

  • Trained dedicated associates to execute solution implementation

  • Weekly updates and project plans reviewed with your company

  • Ongoing dedicated Sales Engagement to work on continuous cost saving projects while supporting your daily Safety and select MRO needs

  • Regularly scheduled dedicated meetings to review metrics including Cost Savings and Delivery Performance.


Meet our Supply Chain Specialist Glenn D. Quick

Good Day,

Glenn D. Quick here, representing Premier Safety as the Supply Chain Solutions Specialist. I'd like to express my gratitude for your interest in Premier Safety. With more than 21 years of experience in the Industrial Distribution sector, I've had the privilege of conducting and leading current state assessments in over 300 manufacturing and diverse work site environments across North America and Europe during the past 14 years.

At Premier Safety, our primary objective is to craft the optimal solution to align with our customers' Safety and general MRO supply needs, as well as assist them in achieving their overall goals and objectives.

Best regards,

Glenn D. Quick