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Seek Scan - Thermal Imaging System for Elevated Temperature

Seek Thermal

Accurate, Automated and Affordable Temperature Screening

Infrared Scanning System to automatically screen for elevated temperature

Seek Scan is a simple, low-cost, thermal imaging system designed to automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy. Unlike traditional screening methods, Seek Scan enables social distancing, self-measurement and finds the most reliable spot on the face for temperature measurement.

The Seek Scan process provides an additional layer of preventive screening and delivers more peace of mind to businesses, institutions and participants.
Set up Seek Scan in minutes using two tripods and a Windows PC. Please note, tripods are not included.

  • Designed to test for elevated temperature
  • Screens one person at a time, using an included heat source as a reference
  • Measurement distance is approximately 5 feet
  • Simple screening for safer communities
  • Helps businesses, institutions and venues easily screen for skin temperature
  • Non-contact / non-invasive screening
  • Easy to use and very effective
  • Automatically scans for a face in the camera's field of view
  • Takes facial temperature and provides a pass/fail signal
  • Reduces contact between personnel and those being screened
  • One second evaluation time keeps lines moving quickly


Seek Scan - Thermal Imaging System for Elevated Temperature

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Seek Scan - Thermal Imaging System for Elevated Temperature

Manufacturer: Seek Thermal


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