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Safety Lockout/Tagout Tags

Safety Lockout/Tagout Tags

A lockout/tagout (LOTO) product is commonly utilized for maintenance and repair work to prevent power being applied to the equipment. To prevent injuries from unexpected startup, they are commonly used on machinery, electrical equipment, and plumbing systems. Lockout tagout devices are specifically designed to fit gas cylinders, ladders, steering wheels, and valves. Cable lockouts can be used to accommodate devices such as handles and gate valves, which are difficult to lock. Electric lockouts are used to secure circuit breakers, plugs, pushbuttons, and switches. A flange lockout device is used when performing pipeline maintenance to conceal flange bolts. When multiple people are servicing the same piece of equipment at the same time, lockout boxes and lockout hasps are commonly used. To ensure the safety of a lockout point, a lockout padlock is used. People are alerted to lockouts by tags that indicate them.