Floor Matting

Floor matting is designed to keep workers safe, comfortable and/or organized. Whether you’re in need of clean-walk mats to keep certain areas free of debris or anti-fatigue mats for workers who are on their feet all day, Premier Safety supplies the floor coverings you need. We also offer a variety of emergency equipment staging mats and tarps to help establish staging areas and organize equipment for easy access at emergency sites. Be prepared, stay safe and enjoy full workday comfort by shopping our complete selection of Premier Safety floor matting.
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Manufacturer: 3M
Sku Number: 5836

Size: 24" x 36"
UOM: 4 Mats


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Manufacturer: NoTrax
Sku Number: S0035YB

Sizes: 3' x 5'
Color: Black/yellow
Ergonomic Types: Floor Matting


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Manufacturer: Husky Portable Containment
Sku Number: EESM-SS