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Invest in Instrumentation

Chesterfield, MI, USA - February 6, 2019 -

Organizations across North America use instrumentation on a day-to-day basis to protect their employees from a variety of hazards. To protect these legally required, and worth-while investments, it’s important that each instrument is maintained and functioning properly before use.

According to OSHA, instrument inaccuracy is often due to improper or irregular maintenance and calibration. Exposing employees to hazardous levels of toxic gases or to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere can cause:

  • serious injuries or illness, and even death
  • flammable gas explosions
  • destruction of property

Gas detection instruments are some of the most popular instrumentation used on the job site, today. Ensure your instruments are detecting gas accurately and reliably by testing it against a known concentration of gas.

Bump Tests, Calibration Checks & Full Calibrations – OH MY!

Bump Tests, or Function Checks, are when a challenge gas is passed over the sensor(s) at a concentration and exposure time to activate all alarm settings. The purpose of this check is to confirm that gas can get to the sensor(s) and that all the instrument's alarms are functional. The bump test or function check does not provide a measure of the instrument's accuracy.

Calibration Checks and Full Calibrations are used to verify direct-reading portable gas monitors are measuring accurately.

A calibration check verifies that the sensor(s) and alarms respond within the manufacturer's acceptable limits by exposing the instrument to a test gas.

If the calibration-check results are not within the acceptable range, the operator should request a full calibration. A full calibration adjusts the instrument's reading to coincide with a known concentration of test gas.

To help determine when an instrument is requiring maintenance, or should be replaced, OSHA recommends employers keeping calibration records for the life of each instrument.

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Premier Safety sells & rents all the instrumentation your team needs to keep safe. Have instrumentation that needs to be maintained or serviced? Look no further! Premier Safety is happy to offer service and maintenance by the best technician team in the industry.

Whatever safety instruments you may need, our team is ready to partner with you to find a solution to whatever problem you may face. Contact Premier Safety today at 800.962.7837 to discuss your instrumentation needs or book your service!

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Did You Know?

Twenty-two million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work each year. An estimated $242 million is spent annually on workers' compensation for hearing loss disability.

New Year, New Safety PPE

Chesterfield, MI, USA - January 2, 2019 -

Start the new year off right and resolve to have a safer 2019. Employers have a responsibility to safeguard employees by supplying safe tools and equipment, and ensuring this equipment is properly maintained. Additionally, employers must warn employees of potential hazards with the use of color codes, posters, labels or signs. Confirming your crew’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is fully functional and in complete compliance with OSHA will help minimize the number of recordable injuries and illnesses your organization must report.

OSHA defines a recordable injury or illness as any work-related injury or illness:

  • resulting in a fatality
  • resulting in loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work, or transfer to another job.
  • requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.
  • resulting in a diagnosed case of cancer, chronic irreversible diseases, fractured or cracked bones or teeth, or punctured eardrums.

While you’re double checking your team’s PPE, make sure your crew is up to date in training about workplace hazards, methods to prevent them, and OSHA standards that apply to their workplace. Educated workers increase safety in your workplace. Using OSHA’s Hazard Identification Training Tool can help you identify and control safety and health hazards in your organization.

The Top 3 violations seen by OSHA in fiscal year 2018 are as follows:
3. Scaffolds - General Requirements: 1926.451, with 3,336 violations
2. Hazard Communication: 1910.1200, with 4,552 violations
1. Fall Protection - General Requirements: 1926.501, with 7,720 violations

Not sure what you need? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE PPE evaluation.

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It's time to celebrate (worksite safety!)

Chesterfield, MI, USA - December 12, 2018 -

Don’t let thoughts of holiday plans and activities distract your crew from the task at hand. Worksite safety is always in season—especially if your crew is working in an area where a wintry mix is possible.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2016. While trending down, these statistics can still be improved through diligence on the worksite.

Winter hazards that can slip by

  • Dropped objects – Tools can accidentally slip through chilled fingers.
  • Hypothermia – Body temperatures can drop without insulated, water repellent clothes.
  • Slippery surfaces – Ladders, scaffolding, rooftops, and driveways can get slick—fast.
  • Darker days – Fewer hours of daylight mean less visibility for your crew.
  • Broken pipes – Cold weather can threaten the integrity of gas and water lines, causing them to leak or burst.

Safety doesn't take a holiday

Premier Safety outfits your workers with the gear they need this winter from leading suppliers such as 3M, Honeywell and PIP. We offer Hi-Vis outerwear, insulated gloves, hardhat liners, helmet lights, footwear traction, and lots more. Plus, we’ll help protect crew members who are making confined space repairs with monitors and kits that keep them safer.

Whatever your crew needs this winter, you’ll find it at Premier Safety. We’re your one-stop source for top-of-the-line safety and environmental apparel and equipment Not sure what you need? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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Cold weather gloves? Hand 'em over!

Chesterfield, MI, USA - November 14, 2018 -

Winter’s chill can settle deep in your workers’ bones—and that’s especially true for hands and fingers. In cold, wet, and windy conditions, frostbite can occur in as few as 30 minutes. And without the proper gear, the damage can be permanent.

Tell-tale signs of frostbite

  • Stinging, burning, and numbness
  • Pain, throbbing, an “electric shock” sensation
  • Skin that’s white, then red, blue, and eventually, black
  • Skin that feels hard or stiff

In addition to monitoring your crew members and allowing them short breaks to warm themselves, outfit them in thermal layers that keeps fingers warm and dry.

Keep the cold in check with Premier Safety products

Premier Safety stocks cold weather essentials such as premium grade pigskin or goatskin gloves with toasty thermal linings. Pair them with Ergodyne NFerno warming pack—and your workers’ hands will thank you! And check out our full line of cold weather gear to keep your crew warm from their heads to their feet.

Not sure what you need? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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Fall: the time to be seen!

Chesterfield, MI, USA - October 3, 2018 -

As the days grow shorter, your crew’s visibility on the job also decreases. Long shadows and darkened surroundings mean they’re not being seen—and that can mean workplace injuries. Now’s the time to outfit your crew in top quality Hi-Vis apparel while they’re on site, and double check their current gear is still fully functional.

Did you know...

  • If worn daily, Hi-Vis apparel should be replaced every six months
  • Dirt, stains, and rips can reduce the garment’s visibility
  • Hi-Vis clothes worn at higher elevation get more ultra-violet rays — and wear out quicker
  • Improper laundering, storage, or maintenance can reduce apparel life
  • Hi-Vis is not all the same: Certain jobs require specific colors and reflectivity levels

OSHA recognizes these hazards and requires workers to wear appropriate footwear on the job.

Premier Safety looks out for your crew

Premier Safety offers comfortable, durable apparel to keep your workers visible at factory-direct pricing. Our products are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material; proven to be bright, durable and high quality. From knit caps with reflective stripes, to lightweight vests, bomber jackets, waterproof shells, and more, we’re your one-stop resource for the Hi-Vis apparel you need to keep your crews safe, even in limited light.

Looking for your logo to be added to a garment? Not sure what you need? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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Protective Footwear: a step in the right direction.

Chesterfield, MI, USA - September 5, 2018 -

If you thought work footwear was only about getting the right size in a sturdy boot, think again. The right footwear should be a standard part of your crew’s personal protective equipment (PPE).

The National Safety Council estimate approximately 120,000 foot injuries occur each year—and many of those result in lost work time. Even without injury, sturdy boots providing ankle stability may be ill-fitted, causing enough pain or irritation to distract workers from the task at hand.

OSHA mandates protective footwear

On any given work site, there are numerous obstacles and potential hazards that your crew could encounter, such as:

  • Muddy, oily, or icy surfaces that lead to slips and falls
  • Nails and other sharp objects that puncture footwear
  • Chemical spills that come in contact with skin
  • Exposure to sparks or electrical wiring
  • Falling objects that can crush toes

OSHA recognizes these hazards and requires workers to wear appropriate footwear on the job.

Premier Safety helps your workers put their best foot forward

From waders to traction devices to hazmat boots, Premier Safety has protective footwear from top manufacturers like DUNLOP and Tingley that can help keep your workers safe. Check out our full line of options here.

Not sure what you need? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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Keep your head in the game.

Chesterfield, MI, USA - August 1, 2018 -

Protecting your workers from any potential hazards on the job-site is important, especially when it comes to head protection. Head injuries can impair a worker for life—and sometimes they’re even fatal.

In order for your workers to be protected and their hard hats to be effective, hard hats should:

  • Properly fit their head
  • Be resistant to water
  • Absorb the shock of a falling item
  • Be slow to burn
  • Prevent objects from penetrating through
  • Include a chin strap for working at higher elevations

Wearing the appropriate head protection will protect your workers from situations where they may be at risk with loose objects, bumps to their head, or falling objects. Check with the OSHA criteria to ensure that your workers and their hard hats are following the head protection standards.

Keep your head safe with Premier Safety’s head protection.

Premier Safety is your source for top-of-the-line head protection from leading suppliers of personal protective equipment including MSA, PIP and Bullard.

To see our full line of head protection equipment, visit PremierSafety.com or give us a call at 800-962-7837.

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Breathe easier with Respiratory Protective Equipment

Chesterfield, MI, USA - July 2, 2018 -

If your crews are working in confined spaces or in areas where the air in the workplace is compromised, their very lives depend on equipment that helps them breathe safely.

When air conditions are hazardous—from smoke, gas, dust, respirable crystalline silica or other toxic pollutants—your crew members can be subjected to illnesses, lung impairments, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, disability and even death.

OSHA estimates that 5 million workers wear respirators on their job site and that if all crews followed its Respiratory Protection Standard, hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses could be avoided each year. Respiratory Protective Equipment helps protect your workers—by removing contaminants, warning them of dangers, or purifying the air of toxins.

NEW: OSHA regulations for respirable crystalline silica

Respirable crystalline silica is created when cutting, sawing, grinding, drilling, and crushing stone, rock, concrete, brick, block, and mortar. OSHA estimates 2.3 million Americans are exposed to silica at work. To help combat the dangers of silica exposure, OSHA issued two new respirable crystalline silica standards: one for construction and one for general industry and maritime. Provisions for the construction standard have been enforced since September 2017, with compliance for the general industry and maritime standard starting June 23, 2018.

Learn more about what is required under both standards.

Air quality varies. So does the equipment.

Respiratory equipment should be chosen according to the task being performed; this is not a situation for cookie-cutter solutions. Depending on the job and its conditions, respiratory equipment could involve:

  • Welding helmets
  • Escape breathing apparatuses
  • Protective masks and respirators
  • Filtration devices
  • Air compressors
  • Air quality test kits
  • and dozens of other system components

Premier Safety simplifies your search.

Premier Safety has an extensive selection of respiratory protective equipment from top manufacturers like 3M and MSA that can help keep your workers safe. Check out our full line of options here.

Not sure what you need? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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Can you hear me now?

Chesterfield, MI, USA - June 6, 2018 -

What your workers hear—or don’t hear—while on the job-site can be damaging to not only their ears but to their health, too. Exposure to high and even low-level noises can cause permanent hearing loss without proper ear protection.

Noise protection tips for your workers

  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones
  • Identify work areas with high noise
  • Create temporary barriers to block noise
  • Use the quietest equipment available

Loud noises not only harm your ears, but can contribute to a reduction in workplace productivity. Keep your workers safe by scheduling regular hearing screenings and using the appropriate ear protection.

Noise exposure is preventable with Premier Safety’s ear protection.

Premier Safety is your one-stop shop for all your protective needs. From reusable earplugs to earmuffs, our full line of ear protection will help to reduce noises near and far. Not sure which ear protection pieces are best for your workers? Contact Premier Safety today at 800-962-7837 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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Beat the summer heat—safely.

Chesterfield, MI, USA - May 9, 2018 -

Summer days on the job site can mean record-setting high temperatures and a blazing sun—and it’s no time to take a vacation from safety.

Each year, thousands of workers are exposed to dangerous summer conditions on the job, causing illnesses, and sometimes even death. Protect your crew’s health with these suggestions.

  • Have water easily accessible to your crew.
  • Recognize the signs of heat stroke and exhaustion in workers.
  • Alter work schedules and hours to accommodate high heat hours.
  • Encourage them to use cooling towels during peak heat hours.
  • Provide them with warm weather personal protective equipment (PPE)

Wearing the appropriate PPE is especially important during summer’s heat, when it’s too easy to say, “It’s too hot to wear that. Just this once I’ll go without.”

PPE has to perform correctly to protect your workers, and, if possible, be as breathable and comfortable as possible in doing so.

Premier Safety keeps your workers protected with our top-of-the-line hot weather PPE from leading suppliers such as Ergodyne Sqwincher, 3M & OccuNomix. If you’re not sure which gear is best for your team, don’t sweat it! Our team of industry experts offer FREE consultations to ensure you and your crew have the right warm weather equipment.

We are your single source for safety. See all our safety products at PremierSafety.com, or give us a call today at 800-962-7837.

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Fall protection isn't an option. It's a necessity.

Chesterfield, MI, USA - April 25, 2018 -

Falls are sudden, unexpected, and potentially deadly events on the job site. Fortunately, with the right fall protection gear, many of these incidents can be prevented.

Any time your crew is working on ladders, roofs, overhead platforms, or near holes, they need adequate fall protection. And it doesn’t take much fall distance to generate a serious injury: OSHA requires fall protection if your team is working just four feet above a lower level—or anytime they’re working above dangerous equipment or machinery, regardless of distance.

Depending on the job, your workers might need:

  • Safety harnesses that protect workers from missteps
  • Positioning device systems for those working on form-work
  • Lifeline kits that allow hands-free movement
  • Confined space entry systems that let workers safely get in—or out

Premier Safety makes it easy to get your crew the gear they need to stay safe. We're your single source for all equipment safety needs. We offer top-of-the-line fall protection from leading suppliers such as MSA and Honeywell, and our team of industry experts can advise you on the quipment your work-site needs—FREE.

View our full line of fall protection equipment at PremierSafety.com, or give us a call today at 800-962-7837.

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NEW: Acromag Signal Splitter/Duplicators

Chesterfield, MI, USA - April 11, 2018 -

Acromag extended their line of software-programmable signal splitters for increased versatility, adding great value.

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Premier Safety Launches new eCommerce Platform & Website

Chesterfield, MI, USA - March 19, 2018 -

Customers like you have spoken and we have listened. The demand for online ordering is greater than ever, so we have significantly improved premiersafety.com to make it easier to find the products you need.

Expect a streamlined ordering experience, along with enhanced support from our technical experts to ensure you order the right solutions the first time — so you don’t have to worry about returns. It’s much more than an online ordering portal; it’s a one-stop source for workplace safety products and expertise!

New features include:

  • Enhanced product search — helps you find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Expanded chat capabilities — staffed by technical experts on every product we carry
  • Access to 25,000 SKUs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Robust tools to recommend products to meet your requirements

  • Together with the experienced technical team we have in place and the support of our trusted manufacturers, these new digital tools will allow us to work with you on a whole new level. Think of us as an extension of your team, here to help you improve safety outcomes.

    We understand that the suppliers of the future must continue to serve customers in new ways, and that means understanding and adapting to your changing needs. Rest assured that we are committed to keeping pace with those changes at every level of the Premier Safety team.

    We invite you to check out our new website and see all the improvements that will make online ordering convenient for you. It’s part of our continuing commitment to create an experience that will keep you coming back to Premier Safety.

    If you have any questions, please contact us anytime. We’re only a call, click or email away

    Visit: www.premiersafety.com
    Call: 1-800-962-7837
    Email: info@premiersafety.com

    Fit Testing - Love It or Hate It, Fit Testing is Mandatory Strap on the respirators and facepieces and let the fit testing begin! OSHA now requires all healthcare employers perform annual fit testing and follow the OSHA standard 1910.134. Much like your annual birthday party and Thanksgiving dinner, fit testing will now be an annual ritual followed by healthcare employers. However for many healthcare employees, fit testing falls side by side with their annual spring cleaning, an unpleasant and timely task.

    How it all began...
    The mandatory fit testing debate has been an ongoing battle for quite some time. It all began in 1997 when OSHA proposed a rule that included provisions for fit testing designed to control tuberculosis in healthcare institutions. In 2003, OSHA announced they would apply the General Industry Respiratory Standard to tuberculosis, including fit testing. Finally in 2004, OSHA announced that fit testing would be mandatory for all healthcare employers. Opposed to the mandate, Congressman Roger Wicker introduced a rider to the Appropriations Bill (known as the Wicker Amendment) that would prohibit OSHA from enforcing fit testing for respirators designed to protect health care workers against tuberculosis. However, on July 11th, the Wicker Amendment failed approval by the Appropriations Committee with a party-line vote of 38-27.

    Wicker Amendment Misconceptions...
    To many healthcare employers, the Wicker Amendment was a pleasant addition that meant less complaining from employees and more money saved. However, the Wicker Amendment held many misconceptions.

    • Wicker Amendment only prohibited annual fit testing for tuberculosis, not other diseases such as SARS, Avian Bird Flu, etc.
    • States under state OSHA agencies had to follow state standards, not general OSHA standards.
    • The Wicker Amendment prohibited OSHA from requiring annual fit testing. Initial fit testing was still mandatory.

    Moving forward...
    Love it or hate it, healthcare employers are now required to perform annual fit testing, following the OSHA standard 1910.134, including fit testing. To lessen the burden, employers may perform Qualitative fit testing, rather than Quantitative. Qualitative fit testing may be performed relatively quickly and easily, by using an agent which may be detected by a test subject due to its distinct taste or smell.

    PAPR Systems that don't require fit testing...
    You may consider respirators that don't require fit testing, such as the Bullard Powered Air Purifying System with a loose-fitting facepiece or hood. The Bullard PA20 PAPR with a 20LFL loose-fitting facepiece provides superior protection, comfort and value for infection control healthcare professionals, and eliminates the need for fit testing. Bullard loose-fitting facepieces are latex free and have a large filtering area that requires less frequent change outs. Able to accommodate facial hair, eyewear and stethoscopes, Bullard facepieces are also reusable. For more information on fit testing or Bullard PAPRs and loose-fitting facepeices, email us at info@premiersafety.com or call us 1-800-962-7837.