Piercing Nozzle, Original Model 1000


Crafted from the finest steels, one or two firefighters can insert the FlameFighter nozzle into virtually any desired entry point and generates a high pressure spray covering up to 2400 sq. ft. at 150 psi and max 320 gpm. Firefighters can insert the model 1000 nozzles two ways, first by swinging it like a battering ram, second by driving it in with a mallet. Uses include but not limited to, roofs, doors, walls, floors, foundation block, steel buildings, aircraft, vents.
• Material is 86/20 steel
• Finish is nickel chrome
• Handles are knurled (for easier grip)
• Replaceable piercing tip
• Mounting hardware for storage included
• Measures 5’ (60”) in length and weighs 36 pounds
• Comes standard with NST threads; other threads are available by request
• Warranted for 5 years from date of purchase

Fire Equipment Types: Nozzle/Monitors/Adapters/Valves
Rescue Equipment Types: n/a

Piercing nozzle, Original Model 1000

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Piercing Nozzle, Original Model 1000

Manufacturer: Flamefighter
Mfr# 1000


Technical Details
Fire Equipment Types Nozzle/Monitors/Adapters/Valves
Rescue Equipment Types n/a