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Premier Safety is proud to be partnering with CPS LED Lighting, supplying LED lighting solutions to industrial and commercial establishments across North America. With hundreds of certified products and accessories to choose from, we can do a complete no cost evaluation and recommend a solution for any situation or need. CPS LED Lighting offers a 100 percent five-year, seven-year or a ten-year warranty on various product lines. Our goal is to provide customers with cost-effective, environmentally friendly, top-notch lighting equipment that can stand the test of time.


To help you save cost, our strategy centers on standardizing each facility - using only a few products for a number of applications. This is important because, if you can use one product in 95% of the applications, this eliminates having to stock many different types of bulbs and ballasts. For example, our LED tube lights can be used in retrofitting office fixtures AND in the Vapor Tight NEMA 4 wash down rated units. Or our retrofit kits that utilize existing metal halide and hid fixtures; we can retrofit them to LED for applications from high bays to wall packs to parking lot lights. Each of these saves 50-70% in energy.


We offer high-quality LED solutions for each of the following applications:

  • Architectural
  • Commercial
  • Exterior
  • Municipalities
  • Warehouse


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